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7 co-op games on Steam that you can play online with beginners



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Especially when you play with friends who never actually pick up a video game, the question quickly comes up: What can I even play with them?” In our selection you will find titles that are also suitable for players who have little experience.

What criteria were used to select the games? In our selection, we focused on the fact that you can actually play the games even as someone who has never played a game before. Shooters or co-op games in particular that require quick reactions are therefore not included in the list.

The order of the games does not refer to their quality, but rather to their beginner-friendliness: from “no gaming experience necessary” to “a little experience would probably be good.”

For each game you will find a short game description as well as a trailer and the reason why we suggest the game.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

developer: Steel Crate Games | Release date: Oct 8, 2015 | Age rating: From 6 years | Steam page: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes | Maximum players in co-op: 1 defuser, infinite number of helpers

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a co-op game in which one player sits in front of a bomb and the other players hold the instructions for defusing it. The game's unique concept can be played even with players who don't like video games at all.

They can then take the instructions, printed out or as a PDF, and tell the player what they have to do to defuse the bomb. If time runs out or the players make too many mistakes, it blows up.

Why is the game recommended? The game is very simple and yet a lot of fun. As the levels become increasingly difficult, the chaos, fun and challenge become ever greater.

The game is suitable for a few evenings and also offers new levels thanks to the Steam Workshop. The game is not suitable for children, even though the age rating is from 6 years. Another plus is that only one person has to buy the game, the rest can access the instructions for free.

There is now also a mobile version.

Keep talking and nobody explodes trailer

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Moving Out 2

developer: SMG Studio, Devm Games | Release date: Aug 15, 2023 | Age rating: From 6 years | Steam page: Moving Out 2 | Maximum players in co-op: 4

Moving Out 2 is the successor to the popular first part. Moving Out, as the name suggests, is about moving. With the help of your friends, you have to carry televisions, vases and even sheep around.

But be careful: the levels of Moving Out 2 are not ordinary houses. Rather, it's about overcoming a small obstacle course, all with stuff in your hand.

The most important innovation in the second part is the online co-op mode, which allows you to play together with your friends all over the world.

Why is the game recommended? Moving Out 2 has a really simple gameplay principle that even children can quickly understand, and the camera perspective also ensures that you always know what to do. The game also offers a free demo version where you can get an impression of the game.

The level of difficulty increases quite gradually, but becomes quite demanding, especially in the most difficult levels, so Moving Out 2 provides several evenings of fun for friends and family.

Overcooked 2

developer: Ghost Town Games Ltd., Team17 | Release date: Aug 7, 2018 | Age rating: from 0 years | Steam page: Overcooked 2 | Maximum players in co-op: 4

Similar to Moving Out 2, Overcooked 2 is the successor to a popular couch co-op title, which has now received an online multiplayer mode with the sequel. In the game you have to run a restaurant together with your friends. It is important to fulfill the wishes of the guests and not to let any food burn.

With many different levels and challenges, the game offers a lot of variety, even if the mechanics always remain similar.

Why is the game recommended? At first glance the game seems similar to Moving Out 2, but here it becomes much faster, much more difficult and more stressful. The controls are quite simple and even beginners should have no problems understanding the game.

The levels later in the game are really challenging and hectic, which is why we recommend the game for players who already have a bit of experience.

Overcooked – Launch Trailer

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