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9 hidden mechanics in Helldivers 2 that you probably didn't know about



Helldivers 2 is a fun but also challenging game that doesn't say much about itself. While some fans have enjoyed their experience on the battlefield, you may have missed a few hidden mechanics. We'll show you 9 things you probably didn't know about on the battlefield.

What are hidden mechanics? Helldivers 2 doesn't reveal much about mechanics you can use in combat other than the basic knowledge of the survival parkour in the tutorial. Many can only be discovered after hours of action on the battlefield and appear almost hidden. We have therefore collected our experiences from the editorial team and summarized them in this list.

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Align antennas solo

What do you mean with that? In Helldivers 2 there are often missions in which you have to activate and align an antenna system. You go to the terminal, activate the system and then have to align the antenna at two separate points and confirm your alignment. The problem, however, is that you can't tell when the antenna is correctly aligned because the solution is written on the terminal, which is meters away from you.

But there is a mechanic that can help you, especially solo, to find out whether the antenna is aligned correctly. As you turn the valve and align the bowl, listen carefully. A distinctive noise will be heard once you have reached the right point. If you leave the point, you will hear another noise. This means you can complete the mission solo without having to rely on the help of other Helldivers.

Hellpods can also kill

Helldiver 2 Hellpod

A landing Helldiver is also deadly. Simply use your Hellpod and aim it at armored enemies. If you land correctly, you can disable tanks or even strikers with one landing.

Supply packages can be consumed yourself

How does it work? In Helldivers you can summon the tactical equipment “Supply Pack”, but many players don't even know that you can consume the supplies yourself. To do this, press the control pad down on PS5 and 5 on PC. This way you are not only a strong supporter, but also a helldiver with full pockets.

There's free mortar fire… for traitors

How do I trigger it? Need some firepower from above right now, but all your tactical gear is on cooldown? Then we have the right solution for you – leave the mission area and become a traitor.


If the Over-Earth command center notices that you are leaving the mission area, a mortar fire will be fired at you with the aim of killing you. If you are fast enough, you can escape the fire and flatten opponents with it. The bombardment continues until you are eliminated – but only use the trick when you are traveling alone, otherwise your fellow players will get angry.

Emotes and Pings – Here’s how

In Helldivers 2 you can communicate with your teammates, even without a headset. That's what emotes and pings are for. Depending on what you want to use, you have to press the right button.

For emotes use the following key:

  • PC: B
  • PS5: Control pad on the left
    • Emotes can be exchanged in the Armory under “Emote”.

For pings use the following key:

Change fire mode and sights

How does it work? Depending on which weapon you have equipped, you can adjust your sights, fire modes and flashlight on a mission. This gives you the opportunity to compete against your enemies appropriately equipped according to your wishes. You can do this with the following keys:

  • PC: Hold R (do not aim the weapon)
  • PS5: Hold square (do not aim the weapon)

Attack the striker's legs

Helldivers 2 strikers

How do I slow down strikers? Strikers are the tanks of the Terminids. They are almost unstoppable and have hardly any weak points. To slow down the attackers, you should aim the railgun at their feet. This way you slow them down and create a weak point that you can shoot at with your main weapon.

Destroy Acid Titans with a precise shot

Where is his weak point? Acid Titans are gigantic terminids that seem almost invincible if it weren't for their constantly spitting heads. You can therefore destroy an acid titan with a well-aimed shot.

Use the automatic cannon or the recoilless rifle. Wait until the Acid Titan wants to spit acid again. Then when he opens his mouth and spits, shoots into his open mouth.

With this tactic the head explodes and the Titan is dead. Note that you have to shoot precisely. It often happens that the angle is wrong or you didn't hit the hitbox correctly. In this case, the only thing that helps is to keep checking.

Pay attention to the ammunition of your SEAF artillery

What do you mean with that? The SEAF artillery can be found on various missions and loaded by you. While many Helldivers fill the cannon blindly, you should be careful which cartridges you load into the artillery. Each floor has its own design and function.

There are normal bullets, smoke cartridges or even explosive or napalm bullets. With a good team, you can optimally load the cannon, secure XP and also secure useful bonus support that will definitely be useful to you in battle.

In our testing we found that many surplus cartridges can be found around the SEAF artillery. So you have the opportunity to choose what you put in the artillery.

Those were all our tips and secret mechanics you should know in Helldivers 2. Do you have any other things you would recommend to other Helldivers that aren't immediately apparent in the game? Feel free to find out in the comments and share your experiences with other players.

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