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A boss in Diablo 4 was considered a nightmare for all players, now many are laughing wearily at him



The Butcher is considered the deadliest enemy in Diablo 4. Some players remember the time when they feared him. But now some of them can only laugh wearily at him.

Who is the butcher? The Butcher is a boss who can surprise you randomly in any dungeon. You’ll notice this at the latest when he stomps his feet as he runs towards you. He greets you with the words “Ah, fresh meat!” The Butcher dates back to Diablo 1, which was released in 1996.

Many players praise the Butcher as a “huge success” and would like to see more of it. Others, especially new players, are more annoyed by the overpowering enemy that makes life difficult for them in the dungeons of Sanctuary.

However, on Reddit, players are currently noting that once you reach higher levels, the Butcher no longer scares you. Quite the opposite.

Diablo 4 Season 4 “Loot Reborn” in the gameplay trailer

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The Butcher needs a buff

Why do players laugh at the Butcher? On June 19, Reddit user “yxalitis” asked the community if they remembered the time when the Butcher was still feared. He states that if there is one sure sign of the “increase in power” that Season 4 brought, it is the Butcher.

He used to “scare the adventurers” and his “Ah, fresh meat!” would make their pulses race. “Now he’s just another thing you mindlessly skip past,” he notes. In his opinion, the monsters need a buff.

In the comments, users discuss the topic. “LordFenix_theTree” notes that the Butcher is still a problem when leveling. “Erohling93” responds that, apart from leveling, he was never really a problem if you had good gear.

“TupperwareNinja” writes: “Tortured version, when?” That would make the Butcher level 200, like the other “tortured” versions of the bosses. You summon them from the pit with Stygian stones.

And “Zyphica” notes: “The Son of Malphas in the dungeons last season was much scarier, especially on Hardcore.” In Season 3, the Son of Malphas surprised you in the dungeons. And he could even appear in a team with the Butcher.

Why is that? “alQamar” writes that he plays a necromancer and has heard the Butcher but never seen him. And “WicktheStick” notes that he plays a “reasonably well-equipped” thorn barbarian. He wasn’t wearing headphones and therefore barely noticed the Butcher.

“Specialist-Dust2935” notes that he briefly heard the Butcher in a Nightmare dungeon. Due to his hunter’s strong Heartseeker build, the Butcher didn’t even get a chance to finish his “Ah, fresh meat!” exclamation.

Several players note that at early levels, the Butcher can often still be a problem. However, if players are at a high level and/or are using strong builds, he dies “within seconds.”

For Season 4, some of the classes’ skills and items were adjusted and buffed. This resulted in extremely strong builds right at the start of the season – such as the Necromancer’s Shadow Minion build. The Thorns build, the Shadow Minion build and also the Heartseeker build are among the strongest builds in the Diablo 4 endgame in Season 4.

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