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A game about a banana has 700,000 players on Steam because greedy gamers hope to make money from it



Over 700,000 players hope to earn money with bananas, making “Banana” the second most played game on Steam.

Disclaimer: The cover image is a symbolic image.

What kind of game is this? The “game” is called “Banana” and was released on Steam on April 23, 2024. Banana is a so-called clicker game. This means that all you do is click on a virtual banana with your mouse.

  • Players can obtain more bananas after the game has been running for a certain amount of time. The new bananas come in different designs.
  • These new bananas are available every 3 and every 18 hours – provided you have clicked on your banana at least once
  • The new bananas are not skins or anything like that. They are just pictures that you cannot equip in the game.

On Steam, Banana has now reached a peak player count of 702,000 players, making it the second most played game on Steam (via SteamDB). It has more players than Dota 2, PUBG, GTA V or Elden Ring. Only Counter-Strike 2 is currently more popular.

Wealth through banana trade?

Why do players hope to make money from this? Once you have received a new banana, you can sell it on the Steam marketplace – similar to skins in Counter-Strike. And just like in CS2, the bananas will drop in different rarity levels.

The idea of ​​many “players” is to get a rare banana with a bit of luck and sell it on the marketplace. The buyer, in turn, hopes to be able to resell the banana for an even higher price afterwards. The principle is similar to that of NFTs, which also tried to gain a foothold in gaming a few years ago.

Another important aspect of this trade is the so-called “FOMO”, or the “fear of missing out”. The bananas you can receive change regularly. Some bananas disappear from the drop pool and are then no longer available – unless you buy them.

Ubisoft also tried NFTs a few years ago and even showed a trailer with content for Ghost Recon Breakpoint:

Ubisoft showed NFTs in a trailer in 2021 that were supposed to appear in Ghost Recon

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Should you play Banana and buy bananas quickly? Ultimately, it’s your decision, but your chances of making a profit from selling a banana are probably higher if you go to the weekly market in the city center of your hometown.

When you buy a banana in the Steam Community Market, you cannot see who is selling the banana. Also, the actual drop chances are not visible. So we don’t know if one of the “rare” and expensive bananas can actually drop for the normal player or if the “developers” are trying to make money this way.

However, Banana already has to prepare for competition, because “Cats” was released on May 21st, another clicker game in which you get cats instead of bananas. Cats is also experiencing increasing popularity and already has over 19,000 players on Steam.

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