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A new Astro Bot game would already be on the way




Many PlayStation 5 owners will surely remember fondly that the first video game they tried when purchasing their console was neither more nor less than Astro's Playroomin which we would see back the friendly robot called AstroBot, who had already made his debut for the VR of PS4. And it should be said that up to this point it is one of the games that makes the most use of the benefits of the device, which is why they would already have another video game from the franchise in development.

It is a fact that was mentioned through your last financial meeting that sony has no plans to release high-profile games like The Last of Us Or until Spider-Man, so we will not see anything in this fiscal year that begins next April, which will arrive soon. However, cheaper titles with somewhat less popular properties but that are still very well known to the most loyal players of the brand were never mentioned.

This is what the reporter mentions Jeff Grubbwho assures we will have this game of the character:

We already know that Rise of the Ronin is coming, we know that Concord, one of the live service games, is scheduled to come out this year. That is what is undoubtedly programmed.

And then it's like there are new games in franchises that already exist, but they may not be important in the eyes of PlayStation when they talk to investors. They said God of War, they said Spider-Man, these are the franchises that sell 15 million lifetime copies or more.

I've heard that maybe Astro will happen this year, so if that happens, it's pretty big for me. I understand why Sony doesn't think it's important to us, at least not yet, hopefully they can make it something important and then a lot of things will change.

The creators of the franchise, Team Asobi, They have mentioned that their next game will be the biggest of their career, so it could be the supposed delivery scheduled for this year. However, in the end they are rumors spread by insiders and have to be taken with a grain of salt, given that in certain circumstances they are not confirmed.

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Editor's note: It would be great if they released another of these little robot games, since the 2020 installment let us see that its developers have the potential for something more ambitious. We will see in future brand events if this rumor will be true in the end.

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