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A new PvE MMORPG has a wild idea for making money – but people are laughing at it



The PvE MMORPG “Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen” is now in a difficult situation. The MMORPG wanted to be a classic old-school PvE MMORPG like Everquest, but has been in pre-alpha since 2017 and has suffered some setbacks. Now they are trying to restart with a financing model that sounds adventurous, but they are facing a lot of criticism for it.

What kind of MMORPG is this?

  • Pantheon was actually the baby of Brad McQuaid, the brains behind Everquest and Vanguard. But McQuaid died in 2019.
  • Pantheon wants to bring back the classic PvE MMORPG, where you need a group for every PvE challenge. Players shouldn't run through dungeons, but rather act tactically, with crowd control and brains.
  • The game has now been in development for so long and is making slow progress that criticism is increasing. Especially in 2023 there were some problems with daring, new impulses.

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen shows the art update in the trailer

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This is the latest idea: The developers have made a big announcement that they are switching to “seasonal development”. This should make it cheaper for players to get access to the current pre-alpha, but it is limited in time and you cannot play all the time.

They now want to bring a new season every 6 weeks, with a “significant update” that the backers can test.

Previously, only the backers who paid the most had access. Now those backers who have bought smaller packages should also have access. It is said that you can now have access to the game for the first time “even with $50”.

MMORPG has little to show for itself and commands high prices

What does that mean in practice?

  • Anyone who pays $50 can play 1 of the 6 weeks.
  • Anyone who pays $250 will be included in 2 of the 6 weeks.
  • If you pay $750 you can play every 6 weeks.

By the way, these are minimum prices – the packages go up to $10,000 (via pantheon).

Players are frustrated that the MMORPG still has so little after 10 years

What are the reactions?? Pantheon recently announced that it was changing its graphic style, which was met with mixed reactions.

In the MMORPG community on massivelyop and, the “just pay $50 to watch the game” approach is now absurd: after all, the game has been announced for 10 years, 7 years in pre-alpha and that Gameplay looks difficult so far.

Biting comments can be found on MMORPG sites:

  • “Without leadership, I seriously doubt that a sensible game will ever appear.”
  • “As someone who doesn't follow the game closely, I feel like they're spending more time courting the community than on current development.”
  • “What are the clowns thinking about next?”
  • “These games dream too big. You should start small and expand later. You don't start out as big as WoW or Everquest. You won’t until 20 years.”
  • “Don’t buy access. After 10 years they only have one people and one zone. Don’t let yourself be fooled like we were 10 years ago.”

This doesn't even raise the obvious question of how the heck a Kickstarter MMORPG seriously wants to bring a new season with a significant update “every 6 weeks”.

Are there also positive voices? At least one user on a general MMORPG site says that sounds good to existing backers. In any case, you can now get access to the game.

But paying $50 to watch a game once every six weeks is difficult to convey. For two weeks you have to pay $250, for the full six weeks you have to pay $750.

That's not exactly the price to get people waiting at the edge of the pool to jump into the pool.

If you want to know why the mood is so negative:

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