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A nice MMORPG should be like Genshin Impact and Sword Art Online: Now it's closing



The MMORPG “Noah's Heart” was released on June 28, 2022 for PC, Android and iOS. When it was released, it was often compared to well-known animes such as Sword Art Online or to the successful game “Genshin Impact”. But in the first tests, many bugs and problems were noticed. Less than 2 years after the release, the servers will be shut down on April 29, 2024.

How was the game viewed?? Before the release, many were excited about Noah's Heart:

  • Because there is a great desire for “MMORPGs in the anime style”: Sword Art Online is the dream of many MMORPG players: In the anime, the characters are drawn into an MMORPG and have to assert themselves there
  • In Noah's Heart the world is also “virtual” and the MMORPG relies on anime graphics
  • The game also offered an open world, the character was not tied to a class and there was detailed class development

Noah's Heart – Trailer

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Mixed reviews of the launch: Lots of bugs and lousy translation

How was the game discussed then? Even before its release, however, doubts arose about Noah's Heart. The MMORPG expert from MeinMMO Alexander Leitsch wrote that the company behind Noah's Heart is known for Pay2Win games like Dragon Raja.

In a play report by MeinMMO author Anny Bader on August 13, 2022, after a few hours in the MMORPG, she judged that the leveling process in Noah's Heart went much too quickly and that you couldn't follow the story at all.

Although the game has some advantages over Genshin Impact, it does not come close to the quality of its great role model. Above all, bugs and errors in the translation made Noah's Hart hardly playable.

The soundtracks are in English, but not recorded by native speakers, and dialogues end in the middle of a sentence.

After 6 hours, the MeinMMO author's verdict was: Bugs and the quality of the translations made it impossible for her to continue playing the MMORPG. The version that was released had too many problems.

Noah's Hart closes – Play our other game!

That's how it turned out: Noah's Heart will close all servers on April 29th. A download is no longer possible (via Noah's Heart).

The developers coolly announce: “All good things must come to an end” and recommend that players download Dragon Raja.

This is exactly the game that, even before “Noah's Heart”, gave the developers a reputation for relying too much on Pay2Win.

MMORPG is clearly being discontinued due to lack of success

Why is it discontinued now? No reason is given, but according to data from mobile site SensorTower, “Noah's Heart” was by far the worst-performing game from developer Archosaur Games.

It ranked 25th out of 25 games and took in less than $5,000 last month. The game that the developers recommend, Dragon's Raja, is in second place and grossed $100,000 – and that with just one version.

From the list you can also see that Noah's Heart received its last update 7 months ago: while many of the developer's more successful games received their last update within the last 14 days.

Noah's Heart also had relatively mixed reviews on apps like Google Play with 3.5/5 or in the App Store with 3.2/5.

Noah's Heart was probably quite a flop

That's what lies behind it: This is a lesson that many MMORPG developers learn bitterly: you only get one chance to make a first impression. If the version you are launching with has serious problems in important respects, it is very difficult for such MMOs to be lucrative and stay on the market.

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