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A Sims movie is already on the way




We are in a fairly big time for adaptations of video games to the world of cinema, since in a short time we have had important releases such as the two films of Sonic the Hedgehogas well as Detective Pikachuwow the animated work of Illumination Studios with the Mario franchise. With this in mind, it seems that things are not going to stop there, since a The Sims movie would be on the way, with the participation of a famous production company at the hands of a certain actress who has taken the cake.

It has been confirmed that Kate Herronbest known for directing the first season of the series Lokiis on board to work on the game adaptation in a final decision that has reached studios and streamers this week. Herron He will also co-write the script, so great things are expected about how these characters are going to behave, with a plot in which users ask the characters to realize that they are inside a supposed simulation.

For its part, LuckyChapthe production company directed by Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerly, Josey McNamara and Sophia Kerrwill produce the tape along with Roy Lee and Miri Yoon of Vertigo Entertainment. Electronic Arts, which published the game, will also be involved in a creative and production capacity. That means that those responsible for the development of the latest game in the franchise will be in charge to supervise, especially to include nods to the saga that fans will instantly recognize.

Here is a description of the franchise:

It is a popular life simulation video game series developed by Maxis and published by Electronic Arts. The first game in the series, simply called “The Sims,” was released in 2000 and has since been followed by numerous sequels, expansions, and content packs.

In the game, players control and manage the lives of virtual characters known as “Sims.” These are virtual characters with needs, desires and personalities of their own. Players can create and customize their Sims, design their homes, provide them with jobs, social relationships, meet their basic needs such as eating, sleeping, toileting and entertainment, and generally guide their daily lives.

The game allows players to create unique stories and experience different situations, from romantic relationships to job promotions to building homes and families. Additionally, Sims interact with each other and the environment dynamically, which can lead to unexpected and fun results.

For now there is no release date or anything similar, so we will have to wait for more news in the future.

Via: Hollywood Reporter

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Editor's note: It is a perfect opportunity to continue having video game adaptations to cinema. I would like something from Pac-Man but with animation by a major studio like Pixar. We'll see if more important franchises decide to take that important step,

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