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A special player has achieved everything after 200 hours – now he is helping others



In Helldivers 2, the fight for democracy and freedom is not an easy one. Even on medium difficulty levels the game can become difficult. But after 200 hours, one special player only has one job left: to help other players.

Helldivers 2 is one of the surprise hits of 2024 and is best known for its difficult missions that you can experience in co-op with strangers or friends. If you play the game alone, you may have problems with missions even on lower difficulty levels.


If you don't have a fixed group, you can activate the SOS beacon during the mission. In the mission selection, other players can then join random emergency signals. A special player has basically already achieved everything and only plays to help other players. He is reminiscent of a special Elden Ring player.

A new War Bond has been released with new equipment:


Helldivers 2 shows the new war bond “On the Razor’s Edge” in a trailer


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Reddit user Mountain-Leader2722 posted a post with the title I am that level 50 guy. He explains that after 200 hours he has unlocked everything in the game. The only thing he can still unlock in missions are Super Credits.


But he continues to play the game and makes it his mission to help other players. In return he answers SOS beacons. He explains that he will help the players in any danger. Once he has completed the main task, he will wait until you have completed all the tasks in the mission before extracting it.

At the same time, he also talks about a negative experience and appeals to players that if they activate an SOS beacon, they should not kick the helping players out of the lobby. You join the game to help other players. Own teammates are currently a big problem for many people in Helldivers 2.


The community seems to like this hero, as the Reddit post has over 5,000 upvotes and almost 600 comments, most of which are positive in nature.

IGN compares this Helldivers player, who goes by the in-game name “.atsu,” to a legendary player from the Elden Ring community. “Let Me Solo Her” became famous on the Internet because he simply plays Elden Ring wearing almost nothing to help players with the game's most difficult boss, Malenia. After 1200 hours, this hero is finally retiring: Elden Ring: Community legend no longer wants to defeat Malenia for you: “I’ve had enough of it”

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