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A streamer builds his base in Palworld for 2 weeks, loses everything because of a stupid mistake



Building the perfect base can take some time, as is the case in Palworld. It's even more annoying when you lose everything in a very short space of time. This is what happened to streamer Moxie2D.

Who is this? Moxie2D shares videos about Pokémon and Palworld on his TikTok account. He also streams games about hunting cute monsters on Twitch.

In a recent video he shows his reaction to a stupid mistake that cost him a lot of work.

Here you can find out where you can find a fast ground animal in Palworld:

“I accidentally blew up my Palworld base”

Moxie2D shows a short stream excerpt on TikTok. You can see his character hitting a flying pal with a bazooka Galeclawaims.

Then all you see is a huge explosion and lots of damage numbers. Because unfortunately the targeted one was there Galeclaw in Moxie2D's base, which was leveled by the explosion.

You can see the mishap for yourself here:

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“I would have turned off the power immediately”

In the comments, the streamer received a lot of sympathy for his lost building.

  • “One minute of silence” (hiougi1)
  • “I think I would never play the game again out of frustration” (massimilianoval)
  • “I would have turned off the power immediately in the hope that it wasn’t too late” (pesona_vx)

Others try to deal with the misfortune with humor.

  • “At least you got the bird” (FernandoTenisak
  • “At least there were points” (Playmobilas)

Some also recommend loading a backup from the save folder – at least when playing in single player.

Losing your base, in which you have already invested a lot of effort, is definitely very annoying.

Therefore, always be careful when handling explosive weapons in Palworld. This is especially true if you put a lot of love into your buildings. If you need more tips to make your home in Palworld beautiful, you can find some inspiration here: Players share impressive base designs with the community – This is how you can build your camp

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