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A trailer for the new Minecraft DLC even makes critical players curious



Minecraft announces a new DLC in a new trailer. This attracts with amusement parks and classic films and roller coasters.

What kind of DLC is this? Minecraft has announced a new DLC in a trailer. This is called the “Universal Studios Experience” and should offer you exactly what the name promises.

With this DLC you can visit Universal Studios. In this amusement park, various attractions, mini-games and the important task of restoring the letters of the well-known universal globe await you.

In the trailer you can see which thematic areas and attractions await you:

Minecraft offers you a fun time in your favorite theme parks

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What does the community say? The trailer alone seems to convince many Minecraft players and non-players of the DLC. The concept and the collaboration with Universal Studios seem to be particularly exciting. Especially due to the quite realistic representation of the attractions.

Because in the comments (via YouTube) you not only see critical players who are suddenly interested in Minecraft, but also many who reminisce and express their enthusiasm about the attractions:

  • SonofTuscon99 writes: “You did the impossible: you somehow got me interested in Minecraft.”
  • salmonsdontdie4952 writes: “Wow the nostalgia I feel for the old Universal Studios attractions and being able to relive them (sort of) I love it.”
  • thecontentprism writes: “I've never considered Minecraft, but I kind of want to see it.”
  • Raansu writes: “Seeing attractions that haven’t been in the park for a long time makes me sad.”

Minecraft lets you experience classic films up close

What attractions are there? In the DLC, for example, you go to the “Jurassic World” themed area and ride past various dinosaurs on a water ride. Then we go to the “Back to the Future” area where Dr. Emmett Brown helps and goes hunting with a flying Dolorean.

The trailer also shows areas that are inspired by films like King Kong, the Mummy or Jaws, all of which introduce you to various attractions and minigames. In the various attractions, for example, you can experience well-known film scenes up close as a spectator.

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