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A well-known support champion is suddenly really strong, even though he hasn't been changed at all



The meta in League of Legends doesn't just change through buffs and nerfs. Sometimes it's enough for one champion to be strong for another to become strong too. This is currently what happened to Janna, who wasn't buffed but is still really good at the moment.

Janna is a classic Enchanter supporter in LoL who has been on the Rift since 2009. Lately she has been a rather inconspicuous supporter: although she performed solidly, she hasn't been seen much. But she's doing really well at the moment if you look at her stats.

On U.GG, she has a win rate of 52.49% across all ranks. Only Zyra is better with 52.68%. Even at higher ranks (Emerald and above) she has a very good win rate of 52.78%, which puts her in third place. The interesting thing is that Janna got so good even though she wasn't changed at all. This mainly has to do with other champions.

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Janna is a good pick against many

Janna is really good when it comes to disengaging. This means that you can use it to keep enemies away. Actually, all of her skills are good for that. With her Q she can throw several enemies into the air. She uses her W to slow down enemies and her passive makes her team members faster. Her ultimate can knock away all enemies and heal her team members during a large enemy attack.

These tools are useful in the current meta. The most played supports currently include champions like Nautilus, Leona, Maokai and, more recently, even Camille. All champions who are trying to recruit or engage you and your ADC. Janna can counteract this.

Janna's skills are also really good against popular junglers like Kayn, Lee Sin, Briar or Nocturne. Your current build is interesting against ranged fighters and champions like Zyra, Brand or Vel'Koz.

Instead of items like Moonstone Renewer or Ardent Censer, she first upgrades the support item to Zaz'Zak's Realmspike. Dealing damage with an ability creates an explosion that deals damage based on the opponent's maximum health. This is good against tanks like Maokai or Nautilus.

She then builds Imperial Mandate to boost her own ADC's damage and Mejai's Soulstealer to boost her own damage. Then follow enchanter items like Shurelyas or Redemption. Janna is not played defensively, but rather aggressively, always with the opportunity to get out quickly but still put pressure on the bot lane.

According to current information, Janna will not be nerfed in the next patch, which means it can be assumed that she will continue to be successful. For many, the support position is currently a difficult topic, as many annoying champions make life hell for players. Especially a cursed tree: LoL: A champion performs so well as a support in the botlane that players are demanding a nerf

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