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Actor defends the third chapter of The Last of Us




It seems like a joke, but it's been more than a year since the first season of The Last of Us, a series that adapted the events of the first game in the saga, but takes liberties to explain details that perhaps were not taken so directly in what we played. Within the wave of episodes we had one in particular that has been somewhat controversial, we talked about the segment in which they show us the history of the characters Bill and Frankwho die before Joel's arrival.

In the awards known as Independent Spirit, Nick Offerman, who gave life to Bill, has won the award for best supporting actor due to that episode of the series, and has taken the moment to thank, but above all to raise awareness that the episode is not about “gay love” but about the emotion in general that can happen to anyone. Defending the plot that has been put on the table, and inviting people not to make negative criticisms about what is seen on screen.

Here is part of the speech:

Stories with guts, that when homophobic hate comes to me and says: 'Why did you have to turn it into a gay story?' We say, 'Because you ask questions like that.' It's not a gay story. It's a love story, idiot. So more of that.

You can check his full words:

This is the synopsis of the series:

The last of us focuses on the pandemic that is devastating humanity, due to a virus that left everyone on the brink of extinction. This virus affects people in a strange way, since as soon as they become infected, they become cannibals and can be infected through a simple bite.

A couple of decades later it is more than evident that humanity has been devastated and the survivors live together in quarantine areas guarded by officials, in independent settlements, or are part of traveling groups. It is at this moment that Joel, who is dedicated to smuggling, is involved in a mission whose ultimate goal is to take a girl named Ellie to the outskirts of the quarantine zone where they will meet the Luciénargas, a paramilitary group of rebels. who reject the authority of the quarantine zones, and are in charge of picking up Ellie.

Remember that you can watch the complete first season on MAX.

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Editor's note: It is a very entertaining series, and I hope that the second season has a little more content, unless they want to divide what corresponds to Part II, so we would see Ellie's point of view and also Abby's, this to have the resolution of the conflict.

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