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Affleck and Damon working on new movie together



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Last year, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon reunited to give us air. Now, it has been revealed that these friends are not ready to part ways, as their next project is already underway. That's how it is, These two actors will star in the next big Netflix movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the next film by these two actors is named after animals, and will arrive on Netflix in the future. On this occasion, Ben Affleck will direct and have a role in the film. For his part, Matt Damon will be the star of this project. The film will be written by Connor McIntyre, with revisions by Billy Ray, and will focus on a mayoral candidate whose son has been kidnapped. With enemies everywhere, the politician and his wife must resort to extreme measures to get his son back home.

Although there are no more details at the moment, Filming is expected to begin in March of this year in Los Angeles. animals will be produced by Artists Equity, Affleck and Damon's company, and the artist-run studio that aims to reward all those who bring their work to the big screen, as it was air last year.

Considering that air It was an entertaining film with good performances, we can expect that Animal continue down this path when it comes to Netflix in the future. On related topics, Ryan Gosling is disappointed with the Oscars. Similarly, Netflix eliminates its basic plan without ads.

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Editor's Note:

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon do a good job together, and this is because they are friends in real life. This brotherhood is conveyed in all their work, and being good actors and directors, they know how to make great films for the general public.

Via: The Hollywood Reporter

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