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After 10 years you can experience an emotional adventure in a completely new way on the PS5



Brothers A Tale of Two Sons Remake Titelbild

Now you can experience the remake of a popular indie adventure from 2013 on the Playstation 5, among other places. With the launch trailer, fans are already preparing for another emotional journey.

Which remake is this about? Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is the indie adventure from a Swedish development studio that was originally released in 2013. On February 28, 2024, the remake was released on the PS5 and Xbox, as well as Steam, among others.

Anyone who plays on the Playstation 5 and uses Playstation Plus can get Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons for 20% cheaper until March 5th, 2024. In this case you pay €15.99 instead of the full €19.99.

The remake not only promises better graphics and revised controls, but also wants to be a fresh and emotional experience with newly recorded music:

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons moves you to tears in the remake with new graphics

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What adventure awaits you? Like the original, the game follows the story of two brothers who embark on an exciting journey to find the last chance to cure their ailing father. In the search for the “Water of Life” they have to work together, solve puzzles and face various opponents.

As a player, you always control one of the two brothers. You are promised interesting co-op gameplay, which you can more or less take over yourself as a single player.

Unlike the original, you can now also experience Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons in local co-op mode. In pairs, one player each takes on the role of a brother. So you can face the challenges and puzzles of your journey together.

The remake should offer you revised characters and landscapes and be adapted to the latest generation of graphics, performance and gameplay. The difference to the original soundtrack is also interesting. For the remake, this was recorded by a live orchestra. You can hear a little bit about what it sounds like and how it fits into the game as a whole in the launch trailer.

Players prepare for tears

How are fans reacting to the remake? If you read the comments under the trailer (via YouTube), it becomes clear that fans of the original in particular have their tissues ready for the remake. For example, user Kllnen writes in his comment: “Here we go again, ready to cry in 60 fps and 4K resolution”.

Similarly, user BorneoViking is already prepared to definitely cry at this remake. His comment says: “I don’t want to cry, but I want to have it…”. Another user also reported in his comment that he cried every time he watched the original.

We have picked out a few more comments for you here:

  • sohamrana2735 writes: “Yes, no, I don’t want to cry in my room for a week again”
  • Mi-Jung_Kim-tq2bl writes: “I played it as a kid and the ending left me so depressed for days. This game is a masterpiece.”
  • checkpiontcharlie writes: “I’m not ready for this ending again”

So if you like emotional stories and like to shed a tear or two, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons could be just the thing for you. And if you've already played the original, you could simply enjoy this emotional journey again with new graphics with the remake.

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