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AI could communicate with dogs




We have all tried to talk to our dogs. Although all of this has had ineffective results, an unbreakable bond is created that better connects us with our pets. Now, artificial intelligence could make this process make a little more sense, since this technology would serve to translate dogs’ barking.

Recently, scientists from the University of Michigan shared a document where they point out the results of their experiments, where 74 dogs of different breeds were used. The objective was to record the sounds emitted by each animal in certain situations in order to discover the type of emotions that each bark emitted..


Instead of engaging in a conversation using artificial intelligence, the technology would be used to discover what type of emotion a bark emits, whether happiness, sadness, fear, anger, or whatever state the dog is in at a certain moment. In total, 14 types of barking, growling, howling and moaning were identified, with positive, negative or neutral connotations.

The way in which artificial intelligence is used is quite simple, since human recordings focused on certain emotions were used, something that the program takes and associates with a bark depending on the current situation. At first, the algorithm achieved a success rate of 62.2%, which even rose to more than 90% in some specific types of vocalizations. Notably, this program also managed to identify the race of 75% of the test subjects, something that could indicate that each animal has a unique accent.


However, it is still too early to talk about practical uses, since a review of the program by other scientists completely unrelated to the original research is still missing. Once this process is carried out, then we can see further progress in its general use. On related topics, conversation between artificial intelligences breaks the internet. Likewise, Microsoft will implement this technology on Xbox.

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Author’s Note:


Artificial intelligence is not necessary to communicate with a dog. Anyone who has had a pet can identify their ways and means of communicating. It only takes attention and a relationship strong enough to create a bond, not software.

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