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Akira Toriyama left one last Dragon Ball Super manga |




The beginning of the month of March 2024 has been fatal for connoisseurs of the world of manga, since the death of Akira Toriyama, creator of the manga franchise, was announced. dragon ball. And with this news has come a specific doubt that is about what was the last product that he touched in the franchise before leaving this plane. Fortunately, his apprentice and now his successor has let us know which Super manga chapter is the one he left supervised in terms of history.

The episode that has been released is neither more nor less than 103, in which we see the rise of the new generation of warriors who must defend the planet, having a fight between Goku and his son Gohansince the latter reached a new level of power when facing Cell Max. The increase in Ki caught the attention of the protagonist Saiyan, so he immediately went to find out who he was dealing with and ask him for a confrontation, without knowing that it was his first-born child.

Dragon Ball Super Manga 103

In the message that Toyotaro has left in the editorial line you can see the condolences that the V-Jump team has for the creator of the franchise, in addition to that the manga has gone on hiatus, so there will be no new chapters until further notice. It is not a cancellation, it is just a pause.

Here the message:

Akira Toriyama-sensei, who published many of his works in Jump magazines, has died. The entire V-Jump editorial team is deeply saddened by the sudden news of his death. We want to express our gratitude to Toriyama-sensei for his incredible achievements, and we pray that his soul rest in peace.

We will be on hiatus until the next issue.

Up to this point in the manga Super just finished the arc super hero. So now it will depend on Toyotaro continuing with the story, and above all, giving a closure that matches the appearance of Oob and the epilogue of Z.

Via: Manga Plus

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Editor's note: It is a joy to have a final chapter in which the creator of this great franchise contributed that will go beyond thousands of generations of children. For that same reason, when the physical tome is released it will be worth getting it and keeping it as a treasure.

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