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Aliens would live among us




Life on other planets is something that is constantly being studied. We are not talking about Aliens like the ones we see in the movies, but organisms that have some type of signal that is shared in a way similar to those we find on Earth. Even with this in mind, there are those who think that not only is there life in outer space, but that these beings live among us. This is not a theory on an internet forum, but rather research by Harvard University.

Recently, Harvard University’s Human Flourishing program shared a new paper that suggests aliens could also be living among us. And if that was not enough, It is mentioned that unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAP for its acronym in English, They may be spaceships visiting their extraterrestrial friends on Earth.


The article suggests that “cryptoterrestrials,” as these beings from another planet living on Earth have been called, could be responsible for unexplained observations reported around the world. They also suggest that cryptoterrestrial settlements could be located nearsuch as on the moon and in places where catastrophic events occur, such as a volcano.

The document examines the government’s response to the sightings, pointing out that many believers think that agencies they are “deliberately downplaying the issue or at least obscuring the extraordinary nature of many UAP-related events.”


The research explores four theories about UFO civilizations living near humans. Each points out that aliens have lived on Earth for centuries, and They have not shared their true identity for various reasonslike a catastrophe that almost eliminated their race, or an evolution that has adapted them to our atmosphere.

This is just a theory, and It is likely that the only ones willing to continue this work are the members of Human Flourishing. On related topics, they report an alien invasion in the United States. Likewise, here you can see the new trailer for Alien: Romulus.


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Author’s Note:

All ideas must be considered, but it is also important to stay within the timelines of what is possible. Once large-scale life is confirmed on other planets, perhaps it is time to consider a possible interaction between the planets, but not before.


Via: Researchgate


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