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As part of the Summer Game Fest 2024, Pocketpair presented a new, free update for their game Palworld entitled Sakurajima. MeinMMO tells you what the new update has in store for you.

Palworld update: content and release date

When will the update be released? The new update will not be long in coming, as it will be released this month, on June 27th.


What kind of update is this? The free update for Palworld is called “Sakurajima”. The update includes a new, Japanese-themed island – fitting for the title. There will also be other new features that could be of interest to those who prefer to play multiplayer.

This is not the first major free update in Palworld, a few months ago we already received many changes including the first raid boss with the update v0.2.0.6.


You can see the trailer for the new update here:


Trailer for the new Palworld update “Sakurajima”

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Palworld Update: New Island & New Pals

Is there a new island? The new update brings a new island into the game, which apparently has a lot more to offer besides a huge house surrounded by cherry blossom trees. The trailer also shows that there will be a kind of bamboo forest and a swamp area.


In addition to the new island, another location was also announced: the Stronghold Oil Rig. Here it looks like players will be able to face exciting battles.

Are there any new Pals? This also means that new Pals will be introduced into the game, as well as new subspecies of existing Pals. As an example, we see a new form of Quiver in the trailer.


Palworld Update: New Boss Fights

Are there new boss fights? What will also be of interest to many is the new raid boss. The last update already answered the desire for endgame content by introducing Bellanoire as a raid boss. According to the trailer, the new raid boss promises another challenge.

In addition to the new raid boss, there will also be a tower with a new boss fight. We don’t yet know where the new tower will be located.


Palworld Update: New Features

What can players expect in multiplayer? Good news, especially for Xbox and Game Pass users, is that there will also be dedicated servers for these players. The trailer also announced an arena where you can compete against other players.

What other features are there? The changes already mentioned are not all: There will apparently be new buildings and a new level cap. How high this will be, however, is not yet known.


Palworld is one of the biggest releases of 2024 and has broken numerous records. A 20-year-old who works part-time in a corner shop is largely responsible for Palworld’s success. Read why here: Palworld: Why the success is based on a 20-year-old who worked part-time in a corner shop

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