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Amazon is accused of using AI for the film Road House |




Amazon is in the midst of a firestorm of controversy after allegations surfaced that the company used artificial intelligence to write the script for the upcoming movie. Road House, a remake of the hit 1989 action film starring Patrick Swayze. And who has launched a lawsuit is R. Lance Hillwriter of the original story, who mentions they violated the laws of the writers' strike that took place in the middle of last year.

The company is alleged to have used an AI algorithm to generate the script of the film, rather than waiting for the human writers to return. According to the plaintiff, this action constitutes a violation of copyright and undermines the creative and artistic contribution of film professionals. Furthermore, it is not known for what purpose this action would have been carried out and if a few million will be saved in the process.

The news has sparked heated debate about the role of technology in the entertainment industry and the ethics of its use in creating creative content. While AI has proven to be a powerful tool for a variety of applications, including text generation, many critics argue that it cannot replace the unique experience and insight of humans in the creative process. In fact, let's not forget that Hollywood is against this method, which is why it also started the actors' strike.

As mentioned in his paper, Hill He notified the United Artists company in November 2021 that he was going to legally request that the rights to the story be returned to him in accordance with copyright laws in the United States, given that amazon owned the property and would lose it by not releasing the film on time. Needless to say, the franchise was absorbed by Prime Video when they bought MGM.

Here what was mentioned by Hill:

Amazon went so far as to take extreme measures to finish the film before November 13, 2023, including using artificial intelligence to replace the voices of the protagonists during the Screen Actors Guild and Writers Guild strikes.

It is worth mentioning that amazon has not given up, so he has agreed to pursue legal action, appealing that they did not use AI to continue production of the film, adding that Hill's comments have no basis. Until now, road House is confirmed to arrive on March 8 on Prime Video.

Via: Variety

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Editor's note: It is possible that they have used the path of artificial intelligence, all in order to save the rights so that the original author could not recover them. Now, we will have to see how the trial develops and if they find evidence of this serious accusation.

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