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Amazon is being investigated for selling illegal products



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amazon It is one of the largest companies on the planet. Although we can find an endless number of products here, A new investigation has accused Jeff Bezos' company of selling products that are illegal in the United Statessomething that puts Amazon's position in this territory at risk.

According to a Reuters report, the Federal Communications Commission, or FCC, is investigating Amazon for the alleged sale of illegal electronic devices. The United States government agency has found several sellers operating with devices such as drone deterrents or devices to disable security cameras.

Right now, The FCC is deliberating what to do with these sellers, and what fine they can impose on Amazon. This is what Jonathan Uriarte, director of Strategic Communications of the FCC, commented on the matter:

“We have several ongoing investigations into retail stores, including Amazon, for potential violations of Commission rules related to the marketing and sale of equipment without proper authorization from the FCC.”

In accordance with United States federal laws, The country prohibits the trade of these devices in North American territory. The report mentions that up to nine independent sellers have been captured. Although at the moment there is no official resolution from the FCC, everything seems to indicate that Amazon is facing a complicated situation that could affect its relationship with the government of this country.

For its part, Amazon managers have remained silent, and they are likely to issue a statement until they themselves conduct an internal investigation into this issue. On related issues, Correos de México launches competition against Amazon. Likewise, this is the way Amazon is being defrauded.

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Editor's Note:

It's a pretty complicated situation, and the sale of these products is likely to take place on the gray market, where Amazon officials are probably not aware of the situation. However, this new case surely started an alarm within the company.

Via: Reuters

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