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Amazon will make a million-dollar investment in Mexico




Since Amazon came to Mexico has become a powerhouse, given that people buy thousands of products every day, and that is why the country can be a good target for large companies to make investments. We have seen this in exclusive television shows that are only shown can see in Prime Video. However, things don't stop there, and now they are going for something much bigger, having a significant outlay of money along the way.

As reported, Amazon Web Services will invest 5,000 million dollars in the installation of data centers, specifically we are talking about the state of Queretaro where this action will be carried out, this in order to have more options for cloud users. This is not the first time they have done this, given that they are betting on having a stronger infrastructure, something that has also happened with Microsoft And till Oracle.

Here what was mentioned by Ruben Mugarteguigeneral director of AWS Mexico:

Our commitment to Mexico also responds to the growing adoption of cloud services among all types of organizations and industries. At the end of 2023, cloud adoption is estimated to grow by more than 27%, according to Select estimates.

This also said Prasad KalyanaramanVice President of Infrastructure Services at AWS:

Our investment in Mexico reflects AWS's long-term commitment to customers so they can take advantage of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. We look forward to helping customers in the country meet their data residency preferences and deliver cloud-based applications with low latency, which will accelerate the country's digital transformation and drive economic growth.

It is worth mentioning that this investment will not occur immediately, but over 15 years.

Via: Reuters

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Editor's note: It seems that Amazon has a lot of hope for Mexico, and that is good in a way, because then there will be more elements of its services that benefit the user. For example, many loved that they made cash purchases at OXXO, for those who do not have a card.

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