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An extraction shooter on Steam is like Escape of Tarkov in VR: convinced 500,000 players



You've been able to play an extraction shooter in VR on Steam for almost a year now. This is reminiscent of popular shooters like Escape of Tarkov and now boasts of having already accumulated 500,000 unique users.

What game is this about? Ghosts of Tabor is the name of the VR game, which you can play on Steam, among other places. The game launched in early access in March 2023 and since then has not only attracted a large number of players for a VR game, but has also made quite a bit of money with $10 million.

The launch trailer aims to prepare you for the up-close battle that awaits you in Ghosts of Tabor:

Ghosts of Tabor lets you experience combat up close

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Ghosts of Tabor convinces players: As Beyond Frames Entertainment reports, the large number of players is made up of Steam and Meta Quest players (via On Steam itself, Ghosts of Tabor has a weak player count, but it still has a positive rating of 79%.

On Meta Quest itself, the game scores with a very strong positive rating. With nearly 9,000 reviews, 72% of players gave Ghosts of Tabor 5 stars. However, only 3 to 8% of players gave the worse rating of 1 to 3 stars.

There is no denying that the reported 500,000 players would be a pretty big success for a VR game. One reason for this success could be crossplay. Thanks to this, it is virtually never a problem to find a squad and join the fight.

Ghosts of Tabor also impresses with good and merciless gameplay, which offers players an irresistible challenge. PvP and PvE always take place at the same time. Players have to pay attention to both other players and AI opponents at the same time.

Ghost of Tabor combines extraction shooter and survival

There are also some survival aspects, such as crafting equipment and weapons, some loot, the ability to build your own safehouse or the influence of thirst and hunger, which make the game an exciting experience.

In addition to the paid DLC that has already been released, a content update has been announced, which will be completely free.

The update called “Matka Miest Underground” is intended to add a whole new area to the game.

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