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Anno 117 doesn’t even show gameplay, but still delights fans: “Perfect scenario”



A new part of the Anno series was announced with a fresh trailer. It will be released in 2025 for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. We travel to the year 117 and an era in which fans see a lot of potential.

This is the game: As part of Ubisoft Forward 2024, the next part of the Anno series, Anno 117: Pax Romana, was presented. Anno is an absolute classic for strategy and construction fans: Here you create a huge empire from nothing, with one element integrating the other.

The new setting of Anno 117 fits accordingly: It takes place in the Roman Empire, where you are supposed to manage a province as a governor.

In the trailer, the game is introduced under the motto “Build it and they will come”: A speaker speaks to a gaping void in which at most a few goats are grazing. But the environment continues to develop, and soon the first sails of new settlers can be seen on the horizon.

Here you can see the trailer:

Teaser for Anno 107 takes you to ancient Rome

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Fans are really looking forward to the long-gone era

This is what the reactions are: Even though the short video doesn’t really reveal anything about the game other than the setting, the reaction of many fans is positive. The predecessor, Anno 1800, thrilled many people purely in terms of gameplay. If that is transferred to the new setting in the Roman Empire, many will be satisfied:

  • “The perfect scenario for Anno, and the last game, Anno 1800, was perhaps the best in the series. I think some hype is appropriate,” writes user “born-out-of-a-ball” on Reddit.
  • “Anno 1800 is one of my favorite games of all time. I hope this game continues all the great things that game added to the series. I feel like a lot of fans wanted a Roman game for the next game, although Anno 9 would have been a great name (this is the eighth game in the series),” says user elfranco001 (via Reddit).
  • And user trouble_bear also writes: “Finally an Anno game that is set even further in the past. That or a setting in the Bronze Age was my hope. I hope it will be good, as a fan of the Roman era, many games seem to be cursed (I’m looking at you, Rome Total War 2 and Imperator Rome)” (via Reddit).

With the year 117, Anno goes further back in time than ever before. Anno 1404 was the oldest era that the game covered so far – now we’re going back even further.

In the YouTube comments, many players are also excited about being able to build their cities in the Roman Empire. However, some find a downside: The trailer for the PC only mentions releases via Ubisoft or the Epic Games Store. Steam is currently missing from the list of platforms for which the game will be released. The Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PS5 are included.

What else is known? The official website for the game explains the setting again, that as a governor you take care of cities in the Roman provinces – you are placed in the twin provinces of Latium and Albion. It is apparently also possible to oppose the dictates of the Roman Empire.

As usual, the game will be about building and trading a city that continues to expand into a metropolis. There is talk of culture, but also of rebellion. So there seem to be various options to choose from over the course of the game as to what you focus on – just like in Anno. And if you want to shorten the waiting time for the game: Here you will find 5 good strategy games that you can play against your friends.

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