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Apple cancels its project to create electric cars




Some did not take it into account, but the Apple company was actively working on a project that involved entering the automotive industry, as they were planning to launch their own proposal that did not use conventional gasoline but rather an electric type. And after many years of work, it seems that they have not managed to go any further, which is why they recently announced the imminent cancellation, which draws attention due to the investment they have put into it.

The revelation was made in the month of February 2024Surprising the nearly 2,000 employees working on the project, the people who asked not to be identified said the announcement was not public. The decision was shared by the CEO of operations Jeff Williams and Kevin Lynch, vice president. Thus, perhaps it is a waste of time that does not materialize, and the employees will surely be somewhat disappointed by the matter.

Executives told employees that the project will come to a conclusion and that many employees in the automobile team known as the Special Projects Group, or SPGleaves for the artificial intelligence division under executive John Giannandrea. Those employees will focus on AI projects, an increasingly key priority for the company.

The project of Manzana to make an electric car had been the subject of speculation and rumors for years, with reports suggesting the company was working on an autonomous vehicle with cutting-edge technology. However, after years of development and billions of dollars invested, Apple has decided to take a step back and abandon its ambitions in the automotive market.

The news has left many analysts and observers surprised, especially given the growing demand for electric vehicles and Apple's interest in autonomous driving technology. Apple's electric car project was expected to compete with established manufacturers such as Tesla and offer an innovative alternative in the sustainable mobility market.

The cancellation of the project raises questions about the motives behind the decision Manzana and its long-term strategy in the automotive sector. Some speculate that the technical and regulatory challenges associated with developing an autonomous vehicle have led the company to reconsider its approach. Others suggest it could be redirecting its resources toward other projects or areas of innovation, not just AI.

Via: Bloomberg

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Editor's note: This project may have had no way to progress in any way, so they came to the decision that was perhaps the best one they could make at this time. After all, they have spent a lot on other projects like the Vision that is now on everyone's lips.

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