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Apple loses multi-million dollar lawsuit in Europe



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A couple of weeks ago we told you about a lawsuit it was facing Manzana in Europe, this for creating a monopoly on music applications, something that affected Spotify and other similar companies. Now, today it has been revealed that the creators of the iPhone have been found guilty, and They will have to pay a fine of €1.8 billion euros.

This fine has been imposed by the European Commission, who have found Apple guilty of creating a monopoly in the App Store. The original case indicates that, by not being able to offer third-party stores, Companies like Spotify have a disadvantage compared to Apple Music, since these companies cannot promote cheaper alternatives. This is what was said about it:


“Apple prevents music streaming platforms from informing iPhone users that there are alternatives and cheaper options available outside of the App Store, in addition to prohibiting links to instructions to access these offers.”

For its part, Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice President and European Commissioner for Competitionnoted the following:

“They did this by restricting developers from informing consumers of alternatives to cheaper music services available outside of Apple's ecosystem. This is illegal under European Union antitrust rules, so we have fined the company €1.8 billion.

The fine should be sufficient to deter Apple from continuing to repeat the same or similar violations and also send a message to other companies with the same resources not to commit the same practices.”


However, as expected, Apple is not happy with this decision, and plans to appeal the case, so this trial has not come to an end. In this way, in the coming weeks we will have more information about it. For its part, the apple company has issued a statement expressing its discontent. This is what they commented:

“The commission made the decision without showing credible evidence that there is harm to consumers, and ignores the realities of a very competitive market that is growing very quickly.

The main defender of this decision, and the main beneficiary, is Spotify, a company located in Sweden. Today they have 56% of the music streaming market share in Europe, more than double that of their main competitor, and they do not pay a cent to Apple for the services used that have helped them become one of the most recognized brands. of the world. “Much of the success is due to the App Store, along with its tools and technology that the company uses to create, update and share its app with Apple users around the world.”


As you can see, this case has not come to an end. We only have to see how Apple's lawyers plan to avoid paying the €1.8 billion fine, an enormous amount. On related topics, you can learn more about this case here. Likewise, Apple Vision Pro returns are increasing.

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Editor's Note:


This is a case where there is no clear winner. On the one hand, the European Union could stand firm and abide by its first resolution. However, in the future Apple will finally allow the downloading of applications from third-party sites, something they could use to win this conflict.

Via: European Union


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