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Apple makes changes to its warranty policies




Apple has updated its warranty policy, negatively impacting Apple users. iPhone and Apple Watch. Previously, the company offered a standard one-year warranty on its products, covering manufacturing defects. However, now hairline cracks on the screens of these devices will no longer be covered by this warranty.

According to news portals, Manzana argues that its products are designed to be difficult to break. Therefore, fine cracks in the screens of the iPhone and Apple Watch Damage is now considered accidental, and users will have to pay for repairs individually. Decision that can be one of the most complicated, especially for those users with an average level of finances.

It is important to note that this new policy does not affect the iPad and Mac, whose users continue to be covered by the standard warranty for this type of damage. For those looking for greater coverage, Apple offers the service AppleCare Plus, which significantly reduces repair costs. Even with this, it is mentioned that they can amount to $300 USD, a figure that feels important after having spent on such an expensive cell phone.

It is worth mentioning that this will begin to apply with new products in a few months, so if people still purchase a cell phone or smart watch at this time the warranty can still apply, but it is possible that at the beginning of 2024 everything ends towards the new policy. We will have to wait for more announcements, especially when Manzana have to account to their respective investors.

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Author’s note: What I don’t understand is how a user could verify if they broke the screen due to carelessness or a real accident, I suppose that is why Apple is no longer accepting the guarantees.

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