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Apple would be creating its foldable iPhone




The Apple brand has always been known for trying to innovate in the technology market, after all, they brought the fashion of iPod, devices that played MP3s with plenty of space for songs and even videos as the conventional model evolved over time. Likewise, they made smartphones fashionable with the arrival of iPhoneand although not everyone has one, statistics mention that people have this mark in their priorities.

This has forced other companies to have to try to come up with new features on their own, and a function that has attracted a lot of attention is to make a cell phone capable of folding, which makes it quite portable to carry in your pocket and with That in mind, people want Manzana continue with the trend. Therefore, the company would have listened to the comments and would already be working on these alternative models that may be able to replace the one we know today.

As mentioned by specialized media, the company is already working on two different models of these phones, which for now are far from appearing on the market, this is said because they have not yet found the element that will distinguish them from the others. Of course, the way in which these are going to be folded would be very similar to those seen with the brand. Samsungbut with the type of design that the apple has, in addition to that they must find the correct angles to insert the USB-C and so on.

That means that for a long time we will have to continue seeing how the models of iPhone without really having a leap, that is until they finally decide on a folding modality and make it known at their events that they usually reveal to us every year. So, when the first one passes, which would occur in the month of March, it is possible that we will only have some type of update with the VisionPro And till MacBookbut let's not expect to have data from the folding cell phone.

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Editor's note: It would definitely be interesting to see a cell phone model of this type, given that many of the competition have already made it possible and only they are missing. For its part, we hope that it also has an element to distinguish itself, otherwise, criticism will be made that they are “copying” others.

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