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Are you eagerly awaiting the first Helldivers 2 sale? Here you can already save for the first shooter hit of 2024!



Everyone is talking about Helldivers 2 right now and rightly so! Of course you want to quickly jump on the hype train and take a look for yourself. With this offer you can currently do this particularly cheaply.

I started playing Helldivers 2 yesterday and even though I consider the €40 to be a good investment, I of course also looked for offers first. I noticed that the… PC version at Gamesplanet You can get it significantly cheaper than on Steam. The However, I found the PS5 version cheaper on Amazon. No matter which platform you play on, you will definitely save.

Here you can save on the PC version. Here you can save on the PS5 version

The collective dies for democracy!

Helldivers 2 is not just a game, but an action-packed journey on which Planets and sectors need to be conquered. The conflict in Helldivers 2 consists of humans fighting the threat of the Terminids and an army of deadly robots, the Automatons.

Helldivers 2 fight alien spider-like

However, the real core of the game lies not in a sophisticated story, but in the common fight and defense of abstract ideals such as freedom and democracy. The game does this brilliantly thanks to its morbid, satirical humor, which is strongly reminiscent of Starship Troopers and gives the game a fascinating atmosphere.

In contrast to other live service games, where the action often only takes place in menus or flat dialogues, here The setting creates a cool context that connects everything.

Here you save on the PC version

Cinematic action to play yourself

The action is intense, the gameplay is fluid and the hit feedback is excellent. Especially in the fight against the Terminids, the game unfolds its full potential and offers an impressive production full of action, fantastic graphics and an impressive, orchestral soundtrack.

Helldivers 2 (5)

Even if the game doesn't offer a sophisticated story, it is an absolute must for all fans of co-op shooters. With Helldivers 2 you are guaranteed many entertaining hours spend in front of the screen. No wonder that the game is already one of the most successful games in 2024.

Here you save on the PS5 version

At Amazon and Gamesplanet you can even buy the game below the RRP for the Playstation 5 or PC. But hurry, because the number of pieces is limited! Grab Helldivers 2, immerse yourself in a world full of action and spread democracy to the last corners of the galaxy!

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