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“As stupid as it sounds, I would play again.”



The zoom factor is a topic that players have been aware of even before the release from Diablo 4 has employed. In Season 4, the developers want to change this and the community is happy. For some it is even a reason to get back into the game.

On March 20th, the developers offered an insight into the content of Season 4 in their live stream. They announced fundamental changes to the loot system and the Code of Power. In order to have the content tested by the community, a PTR (Public Test Realm/public test server) is set up.

Which detail makes you particularly happy? During the stream, the developers also showed a few gameplay scenes after the changes – basically what it might look like in Season 4. In the question and answer session at the end of the live stream, a comment came from the chat. The camera in the scenes appears as if it were zooming out further.

Game Director Joe Piepiora stated: They didn't talk about that at all on the stream. There should actually be an option for camera zoom. You'll see more in the PTR.

So yes, there is a gameplay setting, it starts with the current default setting that we have in Diablo 4 today. We heard the feedback and did something to pull the camera out a little further (…). This will be available to you on the PTR.

Joe Piepiora in the live stream, timestamp 2:09:43 on YouTube

The topic will be taken up on Reddit on March 20th and users seem to be very happy about it. Some note that this is even a reason for them to give the game another chance. The camera perspective was already something that was criticized in the beta, everything was just too close.

A topic that is also being discussed right now is ray tracing, which will soon come into play:

Diablo 4 with better graphics: This is what the ARPG with ray tracing looks like

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“It brings back into the game.”

How will the announcement be received? The post on Reddit simply consists of the title “The camera can zoom out further in Season 4” and a screenshot with the same text, which according to the post creator comes from The post currently has over 1,670 upvotes – apparently it is met with a lot of approval.

The top comment comes from “SonofSeth13”. The user writes: “As stupid as it sounds, this could be the reason why I'm playing the game again.” Over 600 people agree with him in the form of upvotes.

Someone tells him that's not even remotely stupid. “If you play another ARPG and then come back to this one, it's like pouring cold water on you. This will make a big difference.”

“ThatOneGuyy310” writes: “Shit, I guess that’s it for me, I’ll come back and take a look.”

“My thought exactly – the further zoom brings me back into the game,” comments “nbsalmon1”.

Is the change permanent? On X (formerly Twitter), community manager Adam Fletcher emphasized on March 21st that the camera change was “finally coming into the game”, not just for one season and also on consoles. “There will be two options, the 'Standard' option, which represents the current distance in the game, and 'Wide', which represents the extended distance.”

On there are four comparison images from Diablo 2: Resurrected, Diablo 3, Diablo 4 now and Diablo 4 in Season 4, which show the zoom.

Motion sickness and a poor overview

What was the problem with the zoom? For some people, the camera perspective causes motion sickness. A_moral_Animal comments: “The zoom makes me nauseous and my eyes hurt for some reason. This doesn’t happen in any other ARPG.”

And “NMe84” writes: “Imagine a game in which you don't get shot from offscreen because you can actually zoom out far enough.” That when enemies attack from a distance, you often don't even know who is attacking and from where already criticized in July 2023. Many people lack an overview in battles and when exploring in Diablo 4.

Others write under the Reddit post that this is a particularly important and good change. Someone commented: “Diablo 4 will be much better because of this!” One user jokingly writes: “Hail Lilith, Holy Mother, bringer of better camera zoom and less motion sickness!”

The introduction of WASD controls in Season 3 of Diablo 4 has already shown that such “Quality of Life” improvements are important and well received. Some such changes even seem to cause players to return to a game.

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