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Asmongold says he is more hated than ever and will be canceled – but Elon Musk likes him



The Twitch streamer Asmongold is set to become a playable character in the new role-playing game “Dragon's Dogma 2”. But this triggers some negative comments. Asmongold talks about being “canceled” again and being more “hated” than ever before. But at least Elon Musk sticks by him.

What is currently triggering the conflict?

  • The new RPG Dragon's Dogma 2 has one on March 15th Tweet published. Asmongold, along with many other people, is supposed to become an “official pawn” in their game: these are the game characters in the role-playing game.

Who had a problem with that? The discussion about the tweet is primarily about Asmongold. People wrote something like:

  • Please no one should use Asmongold's Pawn.
  • I'm going to delete Asmongold from my damn game.
  • Asmongold is the guy who doesn't even know how to play the game? I have to make sure to avoid his pawn.

Asmongold himself lists a tweet in a video that asks:

“Isn’t Asmongold this racist, openly misogynistic, transphobic hypocrite who doesn’t even like the game? I'm going to laugh so hard when he responds to his cameo by bashing the character editor of Dragom's Dogma for being so trans-inclusive.”

Asmongold’s career and life in 3 minutes – what defines him?

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Asmongold says: He's being canceled because he's successful without showering

This is what Asmongold says about it: In a YouTube clip from one of his Twitch streams, Asmongold says he's being “cancelled” and feels like he's never been as hated as he is right now:

“I’m going to be honest, guys. The amount of attention I'm getting lately – EVERYONE talks about me, EVERYONE thinks about me. It is now more than ever. (…) I have the feeling that what I’m saying isn’t all that crazy.”

Asmongold believes people hate him because he “does everything wrong and is still successful.” So he doesn't shower, doesn't want a job, is an ass and lives in his late mother's house, but is still extremely successful.

Asmongold as part of a smear campaign – Elon Musk supports him

What happened next? The dispute over Dragon's Dogma reached the next level of escalation when an employee of the consulting firm “Sweet Baby Inc”; Chris Kindred, commented on the issue and said: Asmongold was “an active participant in a smear campaign.”

This led to even Elon Musk getting involved in the discussion. He wrote:

Sweet Baby Inc is the evil plague of the gaming industry. All they do is make games worse and try to cancel people.

They couldn't go bankrupt fast enough.

When asked: Elon Musk is definitely watching Asmongold's video, he replies: “Funny and accurate.”

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This is what lies behind it: Asmongold is much more polarizing than before, even though he “didn’t shower” and was “very successful” before. But his content has changed a lot in recent years: he used to mainly stream WoW and complain about Blizzard.

Since the Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard trial, he has become a reaction streamer and opinion blogger. Recently he has also realized that the more blatant and pointed his opinions become, the more successful he becomes and the more attention he receives.

It's no longer about looking at things from two sides, but rather there is a clear “good/bad” pattern recognition and it's hit hard:

  • Gamers are good, intelligent and normal – this also applies to developers of games that are currently successful, such as PalWorld or Helldivers 2
  • Gaming journalists, game developers, activists are corrupt, not all of them are corrupt anymore, and are ideologically blinded
From WoW streamer to “Johnny Depp Reaction Channel.”

Although he actually speaks from the hearts of many gamers and his original target group, he simplifies and misrepresents some connections and greatly exaggerates things. He is often criticized for this:

  • He captioned a video reaction to a WoW streamer with “The War Within is already dead,” for which he was so heavily criticized that he had to change the title
  • He also mistitled the discussion about the developer who doesn't want to hire white employees and called the developer a “senior employee of EA”, which she is not

His critics therefore accuse him of engaging in “ragebait”, i.e. dealing with topics that he knows his viewers will be outraged about and further fueling this outrage through a pointed presentation.

The explanation: “People don’t like me because I’m successful but haven’t had a shower” is certainly not correct.

In the past, Asmongold has repeatedly had phases where he was so offended and had to deal with so much drama that he lost interest in Twitch and withdrew. Since June 2023, he has no longer been streaming on his main channel “Asmongold” but on Zackrawr because the attention as Asmongold became too much for him. At the moment he seems to feel quite comfortable in his role as the “center of the gaming world that everyone is talking about”.

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