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Assassin's Creed Jade has been delayed until 2025 |




almost a couple of years ago Ubisoft had a special event in which the anniversary of Assassin's Creedputting on the table a large number of games that were to come in the coming years, we already had the first one with Mirage at the end of 2023. However, it still has to be released Codename Networkwhich was supposed to be set in Japan, as well as Codename Jadea bet for mobile phones that they say will be the most ambitious game in the franchise that they have made on this type of platform.

Speaking precisely about this project, it has been reported that the game will not see the light of day this 2024 as contemplated, so the new window is open for the 2025. This as part of a restructuring that the company that is developing it will have, we talk about Tencent. And this game cannot be overshadowed by the one that is planned to reach consoles, which should have the same profile as what was seen in deliveries such as Valhallaamong others.

This video game is considered a AAA-style bet but for cell phones, with a development time that began four years ago, which is set in China and will bring a new story to the guild of famous assassins that has been present since the beginning. He was from Egypt. The delay is part of a turn in Tencent, which is now looking to move away from developing Western mobile franchises due to its tight margins. The goal is to be able to prioritize your titles to reap the greatest profits.

Assassin's Creed Jade It is the first game in the franchise created exclusively for these platforms and not reaching anywhere else such as consoles or computers. It is in process in Level Infinitea subsidiary of Tencent, in association with Ubisoft. With that in mind, another video game in the saga will have to come out to hook users, given that Codename Network It's not ready yet either, so having a company event would make some sense to learn more about all these projects.

Via: IGN

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Editor's note: It is always better that they take a break, so that the developments are more worthwhile in terms of quality. So, as far as we know, there won't be any games from this franchise this year.

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