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Astegon is well hidden – this is how you find the entrance to the boss and defeat him



There are a variety of bosses in Palworld. Astegon is one of them. But finding the entrance to his cave is not easy. We'll show you how to find and fight the boss.

Which boss is it about? Astegon in one of many bosses in Palworld. The Pal is Dragon/Shadow type. Not only is it a good working pal, but it is also very suitable as a flying animal.

So having Astegon on your own team is an advantage. However, finding it may not be easy. The entrance to the boss cave is well hidden and can therefore be easily overlooked. We'll tell you where the boss can be found on the map.

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This is how you find the entrance to Astegon's cave

Where is Astegon located? The boss is in the volcano area. More precisely in the southwest. Astegon is in a ruined mineshaft, very close to the fast travel point called Mount Obsidian.

Even if you travel there, you might miss the entrance to the mineshaft. The exact coordinates are -576, -421. Here you can see the location on the map:

The whereabouts of Astegon in the volcanic area (via

How do you fight Astegon? As usual, you first have to do a lot of damage to the level 48 Pal. This weakens it and allows it to be captured with a Pal Sphere. You can find all information about the spheres on MeinMMO.

Since Astegon is a Pal-type Shadow, it's worth bringing Pal's Ice-type into battle. For example Pengulett, Frostallion or Crylonix. A Dragon Pal like Vanwyrm also proves useful.

Astegon has a weakness against them. Nevertheless, the fight can be tough. Astegon shoots you with cannons and still has one or two attacks in his repertoire. The best way to avoid them is to run from left to right. Basically, you should have heat-resistant armor with you. After all, you are in the middle of the volcanic area.

If Astegon is weakened, try your luck with a highly leveled Pal sphere, preferably a legendary one (from level 47). Just wait a moment and the Pal will be yours. There are different ways to increase your chance of catching, but one of them is affected by a bug.

Is there another Astegon in the game? Yes, there is. If you want to save yourself the trip to the volcano area, there is another copy of the Pal in Nature Reserve 3. You can find it on the map at the top right. To reach this area, you either have to use fast travel or fly there with a Pal. The nature reserve cannot be found on the mainland. A player shows you how to get a quick flight pal – but you should have some patience.

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