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At one of the most important tournaments, a spectator ran onto the stage and destroyed the trophy



Many funny moments have happened in the history of Counter-Strike 2 and its predecessors, but what happened last night in Mouz's game against G2 probably tops them all.

How was the cup destroyed? As a video on X shows, a spectator was able to run onto the stage and approach the trophy. Several security guards followed him and tried to drag him to the ground. The pedestal on which the trophy was standing was overturned.

The trophy fell to the spectator who stormed the stage and the security personnel who pinned it to the floor.

Even before CS:GO became CS 2, many professionals played Counter-Strike: Source, the trailer you can see hereto reminisce:

Counter-Strike: Source – Trailer

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Viewer is an employee of a website for skins in CS 2

What kind of spectator is this? The viewer is said to be an employee of a Counter Strike 2 Skins gambling site. This is in competition with another gambling site that sponsored the G2 team, which was currently playing against the Mouz team on stage.

The crime could therefore have been deliberately committed during this game. On Some of our men are on the ground in handcuffs. But we fucking did it, boys.”

The spectator was handed over to the police by the security forces.

You can see the incident here:

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How does the community react to the events? The community is beside itself. The fact that the dispute between two gambling sites disrupts one of Counter-Strike 2's most important tournaments and also breaks the trophy goes too far for many people.

Some teams withdrew their participation in the gambling site's tournaments. For example, Sinners Esports, whose CEO wrote on X (formerly Twitter): “To hell with your tournament, we’re out, you damn bastards.”

German content creator Trilluxe also commented on X (formerly Twitter): “(…) damn you all, you bastards from gambling sites.”

The reactions are not the most violent comments that collect among the gambling site's posts.

What kind of tournament was that anyway? The major tournament in Copenhagen is currently underway. From March 17th until tomorrow, March 31st, the best Counter-Strike 2 teams will meet and fight for $1,250,000.

A Major Tournament is one of Counter-Strike's most important tournaments. The major tournaments are mostly offline and attract a large audience of fans.

In the same tournament, a PC crash recently decided the match result: PC crash decides important match – professional calls the state of Counter-Strike 2 “damn embarrassing”

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