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Audio transcription will be added to WhatsApp




It is a fact that the messaging service par excellence these days is WhatsApp, although it had certain problems that have not yet been implemented, that is precisely when users send an audio that is too long for those who do not want to listen. However, it is possible that an update will arrive soon that will take a complete turn and that these audios will be transformed into text in the blink of an eye.

There is talk of a voice transcription function that uses advanced recognition technology to shape audio messages into text, and it seeks to make this as accurate as possible, as long as the words detected are real, since idioms They may not be detected. This will save them having to activate the cell phone speaker, especially when they do not have devices such as headphones on hand.

It is worth mentioning that this technology is not entirely new for users who have an operating system iOS in devices developed by Manzanaand which has not yet been implemented for some reason on the Android and it will be innovation for users. Added to this is that the user base is larger in this ecosystem, which will make communication much more comfortable to use.

Wa Voice Note Message Transcription Feature Android

It is expected that within a few more days, users of Android count on the update, and that the option appears below the usual voice message bubble, to send everything the user wants to say in text format. Although there are data miners who have already discovered its existence, the application itself needs to offer the change, which at this moment has no date, there is only a beta version for selected clients.

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Editor's note: It is definitely better to use voice notes but with text transcription, so we will have to wait on Android to receive the update. Of course, it will be worth it when it is finally released.

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