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Baldur's Gate 3: Complete Honor Mode with just 2 actions



The honor mode in Baldur's Gate 3 makes some players sweat. Others see it as a challenge to complete the level of difficulty with personal challenges. A player has now built a build with which he only has to press two buttons to kill his opponents.

Youtuber Fracture beat Honor mode in Baldur's Gate 3 without using a single attack with his character. He simply walks up and down with his character until the opponent is dead. In Act 3 even running is eliminated.

So that you can get through Baldur's Gate 3 without having to get your Tav's hands dirty, we have analyzed the build for you and compiled all the information.

This build is based on passive damage and speed. If you want to build your character accordingly, collect all the items that make you faster. The more movement your character has in a round, the more damage you can do per round.

You can watch Fracture's original video here:

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Here's how it works: Defeat enemies as they pass by

Here we'll go into detail about which items and classes Fracture used for the build to make it work.

Do you need certain classes?

For the build you should take the following classes:

  • Level 1: Mage
    • Use spring fall and extend your jumping distance to get from A to B as quickly as possible.
  • Level 2: Eilistraee Cleric
    • As such a cleric, you can more easily obtain the Phalar Aluve sword required for the build.

At level 3 you pay 100 gold to Lazarus and place all three levels in Rogue and Thief. After that it doesn't really matter which classes you choose. Just make sure you're still a cleric when you unlock the Phalar Aluve sword (unless you're playing Drow).

Attention: Since this build is designed for you not to fight, you will need to gain experience in social interactions. To do this, rely on high charisma and talk to the goblins, for example. B. dressed as a dark elf.

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What items do you need for the build?

You need these items for the build. We have listed them for you in the order in which you can find them.

Got a helmet

The helmet is in the destroyed village at around X: 32 and Y: 403. The item gives you three rounds at the start of a battle Momentum. This gives you 3 meters more range of movement per turn.

Crusher's ring

The ring belongs to the Goblin Crusher – he wears it on his foot. Crusher can be found on a stage in the eastern part of the Goblin Camp. The ring's effect also gives you 3 meters more movement range.

Phalar Aluve

You can find this sword in the Underdark at X: 116 and Y: -192. You can get it with a DC 15 Strength or Religion check. Alternatively, an Eilistraee cleric can free the sword with a blood sacrifice. Note: If you play as a Drow or have a Drow in your troop, this character can also simply draw the sword.

Your character won't be able to use the sword properly, but that's okay. The effect is interesting for you Shriek: This opens an aura with a 6 meter radius around you. All enemies in this aura have disadvantage on all saving throws. But they also take D4 thunder damage – this effect is what gives you this Defeat in passing enabled.

Boots of Stormy Clamour

You can buy these shoes from Omeluum. Omeluum is an Ilithid trader that you unlock in the Myconid colony after a few quests. If you wear the shoes and impose a condition on an opponent, they get up to 2 rounds Reverberation. If an opponent has up to 5 rounds of this as condition, they take a D4 thunder damage and must make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw. If you fail, your opponent falls down.

Sentient Amulet

You can find this necklace in a chest in the Abandoned Refuge near the Grymforge at X: 627 and Y: 224. You explicitly need it to speak to the spirit hidden in the amulet. Nothing else.

If you have all the items up to this point, the build is already working in its basic function.

Ring of Absolute Force

The ring gives holders of the Mark of the Absolute +1 to thunder damage. Sergeant Thrinn in the Underground carries it. You will meet her, among other things, as part of the search for the true soul Nere.

The Bhaalist Armour

In Act 3 you finally have to join the cult of Bhaal. This unlocks the merchant Echo of Abazigal, where you can buy the armor. If you wear it, you can switch the aura of murder on and off – without needing an action or bonus action. Additionally, it gives you +2 to initiative.

You need this additionally

Have the Mark of the Absolute branded on you in the Goblin Camp. Where doesn't matter. But it is required in order to be able to use the ring described above.

Recruit Shadowheart at the start of the game. Let her do the magic later sanctuary learn. This makes it impossible for enemies to attack you unless you fire off an attack first. Passive damage does not resolve the spell. So if you sprint past your opponents, they can't even launch attacks of opportunity on you.

Do everything you can to get Minthara into your group. You can collect her in Act 2 at the Towers of Moonrise if she survived the conflict between the Goblin Camp and the Druids of the Emerald Grove. Minthara has an ability that also increases your speed.

Pay Lazarus 100 gold and turn Minthara into a moose barbarian. This gives you an additional 4.5 meters of movement range every time you enter Minthara's aura. In fact, this also applies to entering multiple times in one go.

Walk past and kill enemies – this is how you use the build

Equip all the items you need and have Shadowheart cast Sanctuary on you before the fight. When the fight starts, activate first Shriek via your sword. If an opponent now stands in your aura, he is affected by it – a condition has been imposed.

Each time this happens, opponents get 2 turns Reverberation. This can normally only happen once per turn. Now move away from your opponent so far that he or she is no longer in your aura.

Now use the function to talk to your amulet – this does not use up your action or your bonus action. Your character will react annoyed. But speaking with the amulet counts as an ability and therefore resets the reverberation limit of your shoes. You can go back after the conversation and give your opponent two more rounds of the effect with the aura on top.

From 5 stacks of reverberation, i.e. going back and forth three times, your opponent takes damage:

  • 1x D4 thunder damage for the Reverberation
  • 1 thunder damage for the ring
  • 1x D4 thunder damage for Shriek

You can repeat this until your character has no more movement on their turn.

The best part? With Sanctuary of Shadowheart, once it's their turn, the opponent can't even launch a counterattack. You are also protected from attacks of opportunity.

If in Act 3 you finally… Bhaalist armor have received, running is no longer necessary: ​​switch the aura of murder on and off (this doesn't cost an action either), talk to your amulet and repeat this over and over again. Every time the aura is turned on, your opponent gets 2 stacks of reverberation and from 5 onwards he takes the damage described above again.

Once you have all the items together, by Act 3 at the latest there will be no reason for you to ever end your turn: Your attacks require neither actions nor bonus actions, which allows you to defeat even tough opponents within 6 in-game seconds like Orin to do.

How are you doing with the build? Will you try it out? Or are you more up for the traditional way of fighting in Baldur's Gate 3? Write it to us in the comments.

No matter how you play the game: Baldur's Gate 3 makes a huge effort to deliver a good story even to those who play like a wrecking ball.

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