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Banana developers defend their Steam record |




It seems like a joke, but recently a game known as simply Banana has caused a sensation within the platform. Steam, since it is in the top 10 most played on the platform, but this is not something necessarily taken as positive by the community. And it is a fairly simple gameplay, in which we have just a still image of the fruit that does nothing, it only appears on the screen and the players will try to interact without any result.

In fact, there are players who have mentioned that it is a scam even though they are not asking for much extra spending within the free application, but the explanation is directed towards one of its creators, who apparently worked on bitcoins, making a lot of money. benefit from the same. Given this, the people of Aesthetic Spartan They have released a statement in which they clarify things, and ensuring that they no longer have any type of connection with that person.

Banana among the best sellers on Steam.

Here is the description of the game:

Banana is a clicker game where you click on a banana. In Banana, you click on the banana to earn even more bananas! Every 3 and 18 hours you get a banana. Each banana is also made by the discord community. Come hang out with us and let’s become something amazing!

Remember that you can now try this game for free.

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Author’s note: The truth is I don’t think they should be so harsh with the game, after all it can be downloaded without a single cent. However, if they want to spend on the skins, that is everyone’s problem.

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