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Batman artist pays tribute to Akira Toriyama



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This year has been complicated for the world of anime, given that last March a historical figure in the business, Akira Toriyama, who is immediately recognized for shaping the vast world of anime, passed away. dragon ball and its unforgettable characters. Because of this, some artists have given him their well-deserved tribute, and recently a renowned cartoonist from Batman and X-Men He did the same to finally fire the creator of Goku and company.

It is neither more nor less than Jim LeeSouth Korean artist and CEO of DC Comics at Warner Bros.who through his Instagram account made an illustration that fans instantly loved, in which we can see Goku with a totally western style of art. This gives us a perspective of what the legendary Saiyan would look like but in a universe where he can coexist with the heroes of said comic book publisher.


Here you can see it:

Screenshot 2024-06-10 145036

Here’s Jim Lee’s description:


Jim Lee is a prominent Korean American comics artist and editor, recognized for his work at several renowned publishers.

Lee gained prominence in the comics industry in the late ’80s and early ’90s, especially through his work on Marvel Comics’ “X-Men.” His dynamic and detailed art style made him one of the most popular artists of the time.

At DC, Jim Lee has worked on significant projects such as “Batman: Hush” alongside writer Jeph Loeb, and “Superman: For Tomorrow” with Brian Azzarello. His art has been key in revitalizing several iconic DC characters.


Fans will definitely appreciate this drawing, and it is a detail from a legend to another legend.

Via: Instagram


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Author’s note: It looks a little strange but at the same time interesting, with features that could be put in the comics of the heroes in the 80s or 90s. In the end it is appreciated that someone so great pays tribute to Toriyama.


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