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Best builds & classes in the endgame



MeinMMO shows you the best builds for each class in the Tier List for Last Epoch with a brief description of the playstyles and strengths.

Update from March 21st: We have expanded the list with current numbers and new builds.

What are the best classes? At the moment it looks as if magicians and especially the rune masters are in the lead. Acolytes are also featured high up in many lists in the form of sorcerers and necromancers.

However, many Last Epoch fans who have been playing for years already agree: any build can work. As long as you have a little idea of ​​how to play, you can handle any build. Nevertheless, there are a few builds that can handle the endgame content even faster and better than others.

Are you having difficulties? Here you will find the 3 best classes to start in Last Epoch.

Who creates the Tier List? We obtain our data from various experts and specialist sites such as Icy Veins, Last Epoch Tools, Rhykker and the specialists at Our own experience and assessment are also included.

We use the arena as the basis for the strength of the builds, as this is where you can climb the leaderboards. However, most builds are suitable for any endgame content. Here you can see maxroll's tier list in brief:

Last Epoch Tier List March 21 maxroll
The Arena Tier List.

What do “S” to “D” mean? In the Tier List the builds are categorized by letters. In this case, “S” stands for the best build, while “D” stands for the worst.

In our overview you will find everything about the release, classes and prices of Last Epoch. You can see more about the game in the trailer:

Last Epoch: The ARPG shows classes, battles and challenges in the launch trailer

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The best builds for Guardians (Void Knight, Anvil Guardian, Paladin)

A Tier: Nova Hammerdin Paladin

The Nova build for the Paladin relies on the hammer throw skill. You stand in the middle of the screen and throw hammers in all directions, simply smashing enemies along the way. The build is particularly suitable for beginners. The Bleeding version of the Hammerdin circles the hammers around the character, dealing bleed debuffs.

A Tier: Warpath Void Knight

One of the few really strong Void Knight builds, it's also pretty easy to play. You leave behind void echoes of yourself that simply slaughter enemies as you race across the map. The only difficulty: you have to manage your mana budget well.

A Tier: Manifest Armor Anvil Guardian

The Armor Manifest Anvil Guardian is a pet build. With the appropriate skill, you summon burning armor that scales with the quality of your own armor. You yourself are only there to buff your companion. Easy to play, but quite slow: You dismantle enemies individually with enormous DPS, but have little opportunity to reliably kill large groups. A slow but extremely reliable build.

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