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Beyond was running Nintendo Switch?




In it NintendoDirect past presented us what many expected, Metroid Prime 4: Beyonda game that was announced seven years ago in the E3 2017, and that during its development process it saw some publications, given that in 2019 the creation had to restart and the pandemic situation added to that. And now that we have had the first look on video, there are already people who have some suspicions about it, since since its level of quality is very high, they say that this trailer was not captured from a switch conventional.

As there are many doubts along the way, the media has requested an interview with Digital Foundry, Youtubers dedicated to analyzing gaming performance issues, mentioning their analysis of what we could do with this first-person shooter video game. Stating that it has a lot of potential and what has been seen so far looks decent, but in the end what has been seen on the screen is running hand in hand with the device currently in circulation.


Here what is mentioned by Richard Leadbetter:

It looks great and there are a couple of nice effects that we took a closer look at, but ultimately all evidence points to this game running on the original Switch. The internal rendering resolution is 900p, which is the same as Metroid Prime Remastered. And as good as it is, there are some aliasing issues and even some minor frame rate drops. Everything about the visual composition is consistent with a really well-made Switch game, where Retro has an excellent track record. I imagine the development studio is very happy that people are making a connection with Switch 2, mind you.

They also add how Retro Studios would have achieved such a convincing effect:


There are a few things at play here, but ultimately it’s the skill of the developer working on a fixed platform that they’ve had time to get to know over a long period of time. That singular focus makes great things possible. Another good example would be Halo 4 on Xbox 360 at the end of a console’s life cycle, you can see hardware boosted in ways you would never have imagined before.

It is worth mentioning that they do not rule out the fact that what has already been analyzed can get better if in the end Nintendo decides to release the game in a kind of simultaneous platform launch, and how will it get to the 2025, it is very possible that the respective port is also being made. However, it is certain that doubts will be cleared up until we finally get our first look at the next console.

Remember that Metroid Prime 4: Beyond is scheduled for 2025.


Via: IGN

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Author’s note: It definitely made many of us believe that it was running on the Nintendo Switch 2. But in the end I’m glad that the conventional model can support it, since not everyone is going to buy the new one at launch.


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