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Black Desert shows in the video what awaits you in the new expansion – “I don't even play PvP, but that sounds great”



Black Desert Online War of Roses Trailer Screenshot Frau

Black Desert Online explains in a new video what awaits you in the PvP area of ​​the “War of the Roses” expansion. You can find out what else the expansion includes here.

What does the expansion bring? The War of the Roses expansion was recently announced for the MMORPG. It includes some new features that are intended to expand the gaming experience:

  • A new story arc is intended to let players experience the war of conquest in a new way. You decide whether you join Kamasylvia or O'dyllita in the fight for the throne.
  • A new monster zone offers new, challenging opponents. You must defeat various ancient weapons to receive rewards.
  • The game will be expanded with a new PvP area where 300v300 battles will take place.

A new video explains in about 6 minutes what awaits you in this new area and how you can face this new challenge:

Black Desert Online explains what you have to do in the new PvP mode

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What does the video show? The video explains the different steps that await you in the PvP area. Starting with the requirements you have to meet if you want to take part in the 300v300 battles.

The video also shows the tactical map, new exclusive abilities and the requirements for victory.

You can find out more about the content in “War of the Roses” on the official website.

“This game mode will be terrible for almost everyone”

What does the community say about this? In the comments (via YouTube), opinions about this featured PvP gameplay are divided. For example, user “davernrush” writes that although he doesn’t play PvP, it would look great here.

Other players wonder how well all of this can be implemented in the game and whether all players can even take part. Since the 600 fighters are made up of 200 guild members and 400 players from the “Third Legion”, user “j.a9541”, among others, suspects that this area is simply determined by the stronger guilds and players without a guild will hardly have a chance.

However, User Inguise suspects that this mode will be bad for “almost everyone,” referring primarily to the game’s server optimization.

Nevertheless, some players also write positive comments. For example, user “blisssup” writes: “Pretty funny and fair”. How the PvP mode actually performs in the game will probably only be able to be said once it is tested by the players.

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