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Black Ops 6 gets a mode back, players think it’s “perfect for detecting cheaters”



On October 25th, a new part of the shooter series, Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, will be released. It not only brings a new movement into the game, but also a popular mode is coming back and players think that this is the easiest way to identify cheaters.

Black Ops 6 is a new Call of Duty installment that will be released on October 25th, and Microsoft has officially announced that it will be included in Game Pass on day one. Many fans are even recommending taking advantage of this after seeing the price of BO6. In contrast to the price, many players seem to be excited about the new mode that Black Ops 6 is bringing back.

Which mode is it? It is the cinematic mode, which is an integral part of the “Black Ops” parts of Call of Duty. The mode allows players to re-watch a past match.

The developers write on the website that it wouldn’t be a Black Ops game if players “couldn’t relive all the action in Cinematic Mode.”

CoD: Black Ops 6 not only brings back the cinema mode, but also a new movement:

CoD: Black Ops 6 shows the new Omni-Movement in gameplay

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Cinema mode lets you relive matches

What is the mode good for? The mode is particularly good for two aspects:

  • You have the opportunity to re-watch your own gameplay and adjust and improve it in future matches. You can also create video clips, which would be particularly popular with content creators.
  • You have the opportunity to watch your enemies’ gameplay and relive moments that you missed during the match.

Cinema mode could make life difficult for cheaters because it is possible to catch some of them “red-handed”. This is the case when they can obviously aim through walls and follow their opponent precisely with their weapon. Cinema mode also gives you the option of saving clips that can confirm your suspicions.

How does the community react? On June 6, the leaker “BobNetworkUK”, known according to GGRecon, already suspected on X that there would be a cinematic mode. One user wrote in his comment on X: “If this is true, this is the easiest way to confirm cheaters.”

The topic is addressed in various posts on X. A few other users would like the mode for Warzone as well (via X). And others note on X that the cinematic mode creates many opportunities for content creators. Many call it a “big win” for the new part of the series.

Many players also seem to be happy about another mode that will return in Call of Duty: Black Ops 6. In CoD: MW3, the mode was rather disappointing for fans of the shooter series. You can read more about it here: Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 gets a mode that fans have been waiting for years and reveals exciting innovations

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