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Blizzard is addressing one of Overwatch 2's biggest criticisms



With the latest developer update, the developers of Overwatch 2 have announced exciting changes to unlocking heroes and mythical skins.

What has Blizzard announced for Overwatch 2? Let's go through the most important points of the developer update from March 19, 2024:

  • You no longer have to unlock heroes via the Battle Pass! From the start of Season 10, all heroes will be automatically unlocked for your selection as soon as they are published. This also applies retroactively to all existing heroes.
  • There will be a new Mythic Shop that will allow you to gradually unlock past and current Mythic skins in Season 10 as you progress through the Premium Battle Pass. You decide for yourself which mythical skins you want to invest your progress in.
  • Coins will be easier to obtain with Season 10 as you will also get them if you follow the free and premium route from the Battle Pass. The amount of coins is increased from 540 to 600.

Mauga was also announced for Overwatch 2 at the last BlizzCon:

Overwatch 2: This is Mauga, the crazy laughing tank who always takes headshots

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What information is there about the heroes? The developers explain that players will still need to complete the entry-level experience to unlock the heroes. As soon as the heroes from the hero selection from the first Overwatch have been unlocked, all heroes from Overwatch 2 will also be available.

The devs also confirmed that the DpS hero Venture, presented at BlizzCon 2023, will make its debut in Season 10. According to the announcement in the developer update, you can of course try it out immediately.

What else is coming with Season 10? The Clash game mode, also presented at BlizzCon 2023, will make its debut with two new maps, with the Hanaoka map in Season 10 and the Runasapi map in Season 11. Improvements are also planned for the maps Dorado, Circuit Royal, Havana and Numbani.

By the way: Blizzard fundamentally revised Overwatch 2 just a few weeks ago. On February 12, 2024 we reported: Overwatch 2 – Starting tomorrow you will play a different shooter – “The game will be revived”

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