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Blizzard is giving away autographed artwork, but you have to be better than Wudijo and Co.



The leaderboards are the leaderboards in Diablo 4 on which you compete with others. You can soon win a signed work of art with your name on it in a leaderboard event. But only if you become a legend.

In the leaderboards you compete against other players in a “gauntlet” (in German: test) and fight for a place at the top of the leaderboard. In a few days a new event will start in Diablo 4 that revolves around the test.

The upcoming Leaderboard Legends event will not revolve around farming XP and unlocking in-game loot like previous events have. Here you win a signed art print with your player name on it. But only the best of the best can do that.

Diablo 4: The developers talk about the leaderboards and how you get there

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The best players win a signed art print

What kind of event is this? The “Leaderboard Legends” event is, as the name suggests, about the “legends” of the leaderboard, i.e. those who secure a place at the top. The event starts on March 19th and runs for two weeks.

This means you have two Gauntlet weeks to climb to the top of the rankings and immortalize yourself as a “legend”. After the rankings are reset weekly (every Tuesday at 5 p.m.), the players with the highest points will be drawn as winners and immortalized on a print with their ID.

In the Gauntlet dungeon you only have 8 minutes to collect points. Above all, your strategy and speed are crucial.

What can I win? In the Leaderboard Legends event, those who finish at the top of the leaderboards will win a signed Diablo 4 art print from artist Micah Ulrich.

However, the fight for first place is really challenging. For comparison: Even the Diablo expert and extremely good player wudijo is currently (March 14th) only in third place among hardcore hunters. Rob is at least in group number 1 in the softcore area. So you have some pretty tough competition.

You can get an insight in the English-language video on YouTube:

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How many winners will there be? One winner per list will be chosen in each of the two weeks during the Leaderboard Legends event. This includes all rankings in Diablo 4, which are also divided into normal and hardcore mode. According to Blizzard, group players will all receive a print of the artwork.

All first place winners from the following lists will be rewarded:

  • Solo players in the 5 classes, i.e. a druid, barbarian, hunter, wizard and necromancer
  • Solo players in the 5 classes in hardcore mode, i.e. a druid, barbarian, hunter, wizard and necromancer
  • Group players with two people – both receive one print
  • Group players with three people – all three receive a print
  • Group players with four people – all four receive a print
  • Group players in Hardcore mode with two/three/four people – all players get one print

You can take part in the trial, the Gauntlet, as soon as you have unlocked World Tier 4. You don't necessarily have to be level 100 to use the Gauntlet, but it is recommended because the monsters in the dungeon are over level 123.

The Leaderboard Legends event starts on March 19th. If you are interested and are still looking for a suitable build, we have summarized the strongest builds from the first week in the Gauntlet here: Diablo 4: Leaderboards are here – This is currently the best build for every class

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