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Blizzard is making tons of fans happy and fulfilling even more wishes with Vessel of Hatred



Diablo 4 has been criticized a lot since its release: too little endgame, bad balancing, missing content. Within the first year, Blizzard has therefore worked on improving the game and has been enjoying a lot of success in recent weeks. Now we know the future, and it will be even better with Vessel of Hatred.

Blizzard has already fulfilled these wishes:


This is what’s coming with Vessel of Hatred: In the wake of the release announcement of Vessel of Hatred, the first expansion to Diablo 4, Blizzard has published a blog post with new information.

Among other things, it explains new endgame features that sound like raids, and above all: mercenaries. They apparently work in a similar way to companions in Diablo 3, they follow you and help in battle. They can level up and learn skills.


Companions or mercenaries have been a feature of the series since Diablo 2, but were missing in Diablo 4. Accordingly, many players have been demanding exactly this content, and with Vessel of Hatred, the mercenaries are finally coming. We don’t know much about them yet, but some “classes” can be deduced from the first image:

  • A tank with a heavy shield, similar to the Templar in Diablo 3
  • An archer or ranger, similar to the rogue from Diablo 3
  • A hybrid creature that can apparently perform magic
  • A berserker or shaman with two hand axes

We also already know that Blizzard is not offering early access as a pre-order bonus. This marketing gimmick caused a lot of criticism when Diablo 4 was released. Vessel of Hatred will be released for everyone at the same time.

You can find all the information about the release and content of Vessel of Hatred in our overview. Blizzard has already released the intro cinematic:


Trailer for Diablo 4 Vessel of Hatred gives insight into the story of the expansion


More videos



Vessel of Hatred expands all classes

Along with the new content, existing content will also be expanded. We already know that there will be new skills, legendary glyphs and paragon tablets for all classes.

There will also be new dungeon types and new whispers at the tree, although we don’t have any concrete information about them yet.


Vessel of Hatred will also introduce a new class, the Spiritborn. The class will be fully unveiled on July 18th, but so far we only know a few peripheral details:

  • Spiritborn are said to be “ultimate predators”
  • They apparently fight with spears or glaives, possibly with shields
  • Spiritborn are closely connected to the new region of Nahantu and use a type of magic around spirits

Spiritborn will be a completely new class that has never existed in Diablo before – even if the community sees it as a mixture of monk, witch doctor and Amazon. The big wish of the players since the release has been a new paladin, one of the wishes that has not yet been fulfilled. But Diablo boss Rod Fergusson explains why a completely new class is now coming instead: Fans have been demanding a paladin in Diablo 4 since the release – the boss explains why you won’t get one now

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