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Blizzard missed one thing



Diablo 4 is currently running birthday events that give you powerful bonuses and cool skins. However, players believe that the developers missed an opportunity when it comes to world bosses.

What kind of events are these? The ARPG was released on June 6, 2023, and to mark the occasion, two events are currently taking place in Diablo 4. The “March of the Goblins” throws more treasure goblins into the game, who also have more loot with them. In addition, the “Mother’s Blessing”, the second part of the event, gives you two strong bonuses that run until June 20:

  • 25% more experience
  • 50% more gold

On Reddit, players are particularly celebrating the free skins that they can currently pick up in the shop. Others write on Reddit that they think it’s particularly cool that treasure goblins are currently dropping loot bags – they would even like to keep it that way. When it comes to the world bosses in Diablo 4, however, players think the developers have been asleep.

Diablo 4: The trailer for the events for the 1st birthday of the action RPG

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“Knorzer should get more health points”

Where did the developers sleep? On Reddit, user “SilverKnight05” noted on June 11 that Blizzard missed an opportunity with the world bosses during the anniversary event. For him, this is especially true for Knorzer.

He writes: “I remember before Season 1 when we all spent 10 minutes killing the boss. At random intervals, treasure goblins would appear and run around. It was so much fun.”

Now that the player characters are so strong, you can’t even properly experience the boss or the music that goes with it. The developers should have increased Knorzer’s health points for the event. Treasure goblins and “shrines of greed” should also appear there regularly.

World bosses at the level of Tormented Echoes?

What do other players say about this? User “CyberSolidF” states on Reddit: “World level 3 (world bosses) are actually an interesting fight. (…) World level 4? They’re usually dead after a few seconds.” And another user on Reddit says world bosses should be level 300 on world level 4. One user responds: “(Level) 200 is enough. But with much more and better loot.”

This would correspond to the “Tormented” versions of the bosses that you can summon from the pit with Stygian Stones.

User “dougie_fresh121” suggests that there should be some sort of portal that takes players to the “Tormented” version of the world boss. If you don’t use it, you’ll just fight the “normal” version.

What do you think about the event and the world bosses in particular? Do you think it’s good that they fall over within seconds, or should their health points be increased? Feel free to leave us a comment. The developers have now adjusted the XP and gold bonuses for the events in Diablo 4 with a patch, but the path to this was pretty chaotic.

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