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Blizzard shows the most important change since release, the game crashes immediately, causing laughter



Diablo 4 is getting a complete rework of the item system with the upcoming Season 4. Blizzard presented this extensively in the latest Campfire Chat, including the game crash. This causes fans to laugh and worry in equal measure, and Twitch nerd Asmongold shakes his head. But is that really a bad sign?

What kind of change is this?

This is what happened during the stream: Just as the developers wanted to introduce the new features of the revised loot system, the game crashed. One click on a new weapon affix was enough to immediately close the game and show the desktop (here the timestamp on Twitch at 01:08:07).

The devs on the stream quickly pointed out with a laugh that this was, after all, a “live build.” Something like that could definitely happen.

At the moment, Season 4 is still in development and Blizzard is even taking extra time to make sure everything works: the start has been postponed by a month. Before that, there will be a test server on which the features will probably be tested again.

A big topic that is also being talked about right now is ray tracing, which is coming into play soon:

Diablo 4 with better graphics: This is what the ARPG with ray tracing looks like

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“Blizzard, this is your last chance”

In Twitch chat, most viewers simply react by laughing and mocking what happened. However, the clip from the crash is now floating around the internet and Asmongold has already used it for a reaction (via YouTube).

The Twitch streamer admonishes Blizzard that this is the last chance for Diablo 4 and even bangs his head on his table for…clarification, presumably. Maybe just out of desperation.

There are a few critics in the comments on YouTube who see the crash as a bad omen. Users believe that something like this should no longer happen so shortly before the release.

Others with apparently more experience don't think the crash is that bad. Such a one-click crash in programming could be caused by a very simple error in the code that can be fixed without any effort.

On Reddit, which is otherwise so critical of Diablo 4, there is even praise for this exact scene. It says something like: This feels human.

A user himself experienced something like this in a presentation. It's embarrassing, but you can see that the devs are happy – for the first time since release, they say. And so far everything about Season 4 has been extremely well received: Finally looting without an Excel spreadsheet – players in Diablo 4 are happy about the big change for Season 4

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