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Bloober Team boss talks about the Silent Hill 2 trailer |




A few days ago a new trailer for the highly requested remake of Silent Hill 2, The same thing that has not been liked at all by those who expect to see a new version of the classic that was originally released in Playstation 2, since there are certain somewhat deficient details that at the moment do not look like a positive development. Given this, the people of Bloober Teamhave come out to talk about this topic, after all they are the ones in charge of said development.

Through a new interview, Piotr Babienothe head of the company has mentioned that he understands people's comments, given that there were really no moments where the production stands out graphically, despite being a game that makes use of the Unreal Engine 5. Added to that is that the combat part is not so polished, there is even talk that they should not have given it so much importance, since the franchise usually focuses more on solving puzzles.

Here is his opinion about the video:

I wrote these negative comments myself (joking). Very seriously, we are not responsible for the marketing aspect. Our partner is entirely responsible for this. This trailer certainly does not reflect the spirit of the game.

This is neither the spirit of what once was nor the spirit of what we are creating now. We try to fully reflect this romantic vision of the game that debuted 22 years ago. We believe that when players see a real game, a real game, they will evaluate it in a completely different way.

Something that has also been commented is that not everyone is upset with the performance shown so far and has praised them for what they have done, hoping that the full game will arrive in the near future. Likewise, he says they are trying to realize the full potential of Unreal Engine 5so we can expect a worthwhile product when it is finally released to everyone.

Remember that Silent Hill 2 is in development for PS5.

Via: Reddit

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Editor's note: This can give us peace of mind that it is possibly a game that is worth it, so we will have to wait for more videos to be released in the coming months. In any case, what we saw in the trailer does not reflect the final delivery.

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