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Bloodborne in Astro Bot is not a hint




During the recent reveal of the new AstroBot, fans immediately noticed all the Bloodborne references in this installment. Along with this, Astro’s Playroom received an update that added Lady Maria, one of the most iconic bosses in FromSoftware’s work, as well as an associated trophy. Thus, many have pointed out that this is a clue about the supposed remastering of Bloodborne. However, it seems that this is not the case.

In a recent interview with Eurogamer, Nicolas Doucet, studio head and creative director of Team Asobi, noted that references to Bloodborne They are just that, references, and are not a clue about a remastering or port of this title to PC, something that fans have demanded for years. This is what he said about it:


“There is no secret meaning. It’s simply a celebration of the entire history of PlayStation.

Instead of the hardware, we put our attention on the characters. And that’s why we pushed these cameos. They were quite primitive before, but now they feel much richer. “There are over 150 (cameos), so it will be very deep and everyone should have their favorites.”

Astro’s Playroom It attracted attention for all its references and tributes to Sony hardware. Thus, the new AstroBot will take this concept to a new level, but on this occasion focusing on the characters and properties in the hands of this company, without the intention of hinting at any future plans.


We remind you that the new AstroBot It will arrive on PlayStation 5 on September 6, 2026. On related topics, Miyazaki talks about possible port of Bloodborne to PC. Likewise, the new AstroBot surpasses in popularity DOOM: The Dark Ages.

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Author’s Note:


I can’t wait to play the new one AstroBot. This experience looks like Sony’s Super Mario Bros., and all of us fans want to get our hands on this game. The cameos and references are a nice touch, but the focus is on the level design.

Via: Eurogamer


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