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Boss opponent steals a player's house – fans give tips on how to solve it



Your base in Palworld can always become the target of uninvited guests. A player now has a slightly different kind of visitor in the base and the community gives tips on how to get rid of him.

In Palworld, building your bases is an elementary part. It can also happen from time to time that she becomes the target of raiders in the form of pals or poachers, which is why some players have already discovered strange tricks. However, there are also very special visitors, as a player on Reddit proves.

What kind of visitor does the player have in his base? The player's base was visited by a mammoth residue. This Pal is a boss that circles in the initial area and has a fairly large spawn area. The player's base was built in this exact area, so the Mammoth Remnant appeared in his base.

Unfortunately for the player, the Pal seems to feel very comfortable in its base and makes no move to leave the base again. The player writes: came in, killed all my pals and now just doesn't want to leave.

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Community gives tips on how to get rid of the intruder

What does the community say about this? The community gives the player tips on how to get rid of the uninvited guest.

  • A player advises him to ignore him and let the Pals continue working: You have to build an alarm bell and set it to work. For some reason it is always set to attack intruders as the default.
  • Another piece of advice from a player is to fight him inside the base: Make a few campfires, lure him, get him stuck, make more campfires, repeat. Let it burn over time.
  • Other players even go so far as to move the base and build an arena out of the old one: I also made the mistake of building my base here. When I was able to build a second base, I moved all the items there and turned the first base into an arena to kill Mammorest. He will always come here, so all I had to do was build walls with a big entrance that I can close and leave little holes for my pals. Once he's blocked inside, all of my Pals will shoot at him.

While many of the comments are in a helpful direction, there are also humorous comments about the problem.

So when choosing a location for your base, you should be careful not to settle in the spawn area of ​​such a boss. Otherwise, it could happen that you get uninvited visitors who don't want to say goodbye so quickly.

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